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Confronting the Land of Make Belief and Alma 32

February 8, 2011

the land of make believe

I have a surprise post early this week at Wheat and Tares: The Land of “Make Belief” and Alma 32. (To clarify, remember that I normally write every other Saturday morning. I will also have an awesometastic post on Saturday so look out!)

This post is actually the exposition of notes I wrote for a recent podcast episode I was invited to do on Mormon Expression (will link to it when it goes up in a week or so.) This episode is the brain-child of Glenn Ostlund, who once wrote about his “making belief,” to which I was/am skeptical. He decided to have a group discuss belief (and the possibility of making or choosing it) under the framework of a discussion of Alma 32. Alma 32 is one of my favorite scriptures to write about, if you haven’t realized yet, so I jumped at the opportunity.

So, check it out…and write lots of comments over at Wheat and Tares.

  1. Glenn permalink

    Sorry to show up on your doorstep all unannounced like this, but it’s *our* brainchild, Andrew. Did I not tell you that you are the father? He has your ears.

  2. That was a really great podcast!

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