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So, I don’t just write here. I am also a permablogger at Wheat & Tares and Main Street Plaza. I used to be a permablogger at Mormon Matters as well. You can find a listing of all my posts at Mormon Matters at my profile page there, a listing of all my posts at Main Street Plaza at my profile page there, and a listing of all my posts at Wheat and Tares at my profile page there.

If I had to recommend posts at any of these places, I guess I would recommend:

Mormon Matters:

And from Main Street Plaza:

And last (but certainly not least) from Wheat & Tares:

I guess I’ll update this list as I write more.

  1. Andrew,

    My name is Darrick Evenson. I was a Mormon for 15 years. Served a mission, and even wrote a book defending the Church (“The Gainsayers”). I wrote another book titled “Black Mormons and the Priesthood-ban”. I am white. I resigned from the Church in 1996.

    Since 1996, LDS Church Public Affairs has been telling journalists and non-mormons:

    “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has never taught that blacks are cursed, nor that they ever were the children of Cain. Some Members may have believed in this, but this folklore was never approved by Church leaders.”

    LDS Church Public Affairs is lying through their teeth, and have been since 1996 at least.

    I’ve protested this “Curse of Cain Cover Up” since 1998, sometimes protesting in front of Temple Square. Back in 2003, Darron Smith (a black Mormon in Utah) was going to give a speech in front of Church Offices in SLC, and all of Utah media, and even national media, was going to cover this! He was going to protest the Curse of Cain Cover Up, and expose it to the world via the Utah and national media. Well, he got cold feet, and decided not to do this. That was unfortunate. I wrote the speech for him, and he liked it (most of it), but for personal reasons (his wife) he cancelled at the last minue.

    You see, if a white ex-Mormon protests this, nobody cares. The media ignored me. But if a black Mormon protests, the Utah and national media will cover it. I’m hoping that black Mormon will be you. After all, I don’t think you’re afraid of God’s Wrath for doing this thing. I’m hoping that what Mormon leaders are doing will anger you enough to want to expose their campaign of lies to the world.

    If you are willing to tell others how the Mormon Church is “deceptively trying to erase its racist history” then you “may” be able to appear on a number of radio shows, perhaps television. There is no guarantee, but it is possible. Certainly, if you went to Salt Lake City, and read a speech in front of the Church Administrative Building (47 East South Temple–where the FP and Quorum of the Twelve have their offices), then many in the Utah media will cover it, and the Associated Press would do an article that is picked up by hundreds of newspapers all around the country: “Black Mormon Protests Mormon Church Cover-Up of Racist History”. I’m sure you’ll get some TV interviews, some radio interviews. Perhaps a book offer from Signature Books, etc.

    To learn more about the “Curse of Cain Cover Up” please read the following articles:

    Please consider it. Thank you.
    Darrick Evenson

  2. What an interesting personal history, Darrick!

    As to the body of your comment, I have indeed been aware to an extent of the Priesthood ban (and of the church’s policy of trying to revising its history to make invisible past foibles), so even though I haven’t researched in depth, the basic strategy seems par for the church’s course.

    But with respect to your request, I don’t think I’m your guy. I’m not much of a protester anyway and think that protesting is a pretty ineffective mechanism; I don’t live in Utah, and ultimately, I don’t think I’d have much more credibility than you. Other than being nominally on the books as a member, I’ve pretty much left the church as well.

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