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Status Report – Where Andrew S is these days

May 26, 2016

Howdy folks!

For those of you who have been following this blog, you likely have noticed that I haven’t been writing that much, either here or at Wheat & Tares. I wanted to be able to say that that’s because my Mormon engagement has transitioned more to Facebook (especially Facebook groups like Mormon Hub, A Thoughtful Faith, and so on), but that’s also not accurate — while I still read a few threads each day in some of those Facebook groups, I post and comment much less frequently.

This is not to say that my interest in religious discussion in general or Mormonism in specific has died out. Maybe that’s partially the case, but I still appreciate reading certain articles from Times and Seasons, By Common Consent, Wheat & Tares, that come my way through my RSS list. And I still pay attention to new podcast releases, just to see if I should save any episodes for long drives.

And I also have been reading some pretty cool blogs outside of the Mormon religious space. Agellius at Petty Armchair Popery keeps me up to speed on Catholicism (although I guess I shouldn’t claim to be kept “up to speed” on any topic, much less an entire religious tradition just from reading one blog, haha). Anthony at Making Sense of Christianity has a rigorously practical, fresh approach that I have not seen before (although maybe that’s because, as mentioned before, my reading is heavily slanted towards blogs).

If I look at the numbers, it’s probably true that I haven’t been doing as much religious blogging, and maybe I’ll try to do something more regularly. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing. Here’s where I’ve been recently, and where you can find me, if you’re interested:

  1. Video game music covers:
    By far, my biggest hobby these days in my involvement with the video game music cover community. My main hub is my YouTube channel at subversiveasset where I play music on saxophone (I have posted a little bit about this in the past.) I am involved in a few groups and working on a few projects, so I hope that in the coming months, there can be more about those things.
  2. Random comments on Twitter
    I sometimes post on assorted news articles and topics on my Twitter @GASpriggs. I’m probably not as active at Twitter as I could be, but it’s definitely easier to write a tweet than it is write a full article.
  3. My Facebook profile
    My Facebook is probably my most active social media venue, even though my YouTube channel is probably my most time-consuming. I also have a wide range of topics on Facebook, usually cycling between mundane day-to-day vaguely accounting-related humor, baking projects, and some religious topical comments. One day or another, I’ll probably launch some targeted Facebook fan pages since sometimes, managing the “friend” dynamic can be difficult.

Even though I kinda feel bad about not blogging as regularly as I should, when I list out the things I have been working on, I hope you can see that I’m still being productive on the internet.


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  1. Agellius permalink

    Yes, I did wonder, thanks for the update. : )

  2. i will probably try to do more reblogging/short form commentary of cool stuff I’m reading, haha.

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