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Christians, Same-Sex Marriage, and Homonormativity…at Wheat & Tares

April 8, 2015

I have finally gotten around to expanding my thoughts on Mormons (but also other Christians) missing the opportunity to defend the family by preaching homonormativity at Wheat & Tares.

Without rehashing both posts, I will summarize another way:

I feel like a lot of religious groups say something like, “Well, since same-sex couples don’t make babies, we have absolutely nothing constructive we can say about them. We can’t make any statements about better vs. worse ways to engage in relationships with others if they don’t lead to babies.”

Some commenters elsewhere on the internet have said that because they see any homosexual activity as sin, that they really see no difference between gay monogamy and gay promiscuity — to them, there is no difference. (And then there are those who say that gays are inherently promiscuous, and therefore…there is no benefit to trying to get them to be monogamous? [but, somehow, trying to get them to be celibate is a definitely better idea.])

I don’t get it.

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  1. CAB permalink

    Not a surprise.
    Consistency and rational argument is not typically a part of the anti-Gay rhetoric. My favorite example of this is the man who had one scripture from Leviticus tattooed on his upper arm in ornate font–that old favorite of one man lying with another, yada, yada. However, he was not familiar with or felt entirely okay with ignoring another passage in Leviticus in the following chapter which forbids tattoos in the same language as one man lying with another.

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