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Remembering great things from the Mormon interwebs from 2014

January 30, 2015

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, it’s time to think about our favorite stuff from last year — and all of the various Mormon blogs and groups are hosting their annual contests. Some have already finished (like Main Street Plaza’s “X” Mormon of the Year contest or Times & Seasons Mormon of the Year no-contest), but some are still ongoing, like Main Street Plaza’s Brodies and Wheat & Tares Wheaties…and more importantly, a lot of things that I’ve been involved with (or that I personally have appreciated) have been nominated for stuff!

I will now proceed to shamelessly tell you who I think y’all should vote for:


In the category Best faithful perspective blog has been nominated none other than Wheat & Tares. Even though I am not one of the faithful bloggers there, I have definitely been appreciating the works of my more faithful cobloggers there (and we continue to get new bloggers, yay!)

In Best response to apologetics, my piece responding to pastoral apologetics was nominated: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtains~! Lived and Living Mormonism. One thing I have found in the past few years is that there has been more of a shift from the old field of apologists to more pastoral apologetics. When I think of the biggest works of apologetics in the Mormon space from the past few years, I think of things like The God Who Weeps or The Crucible of Doubt, works which don’t go about by explicitly arguing for historicity, but which instead appeal to aesthetics. I think of works by Adam Miller like Letters to a Young Mormon, and his numerous blog posts at Times and Seasons, that ground Mormonism in lived experience. The question, however, now becomes: is Mormonism always a great lived experience?

In Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction, I have Don’t Get Your Hopes Up! Conservative Arguments Against Liberal Mormon Activism. As a nonbeliever, I recognize a critical difference between myself and liberal believers. In fact, I often think that exmormons share more in common with conservative Mormons than with liberal Mormons — I think a disaffected Mormon and a conservative, orthodox Mormon would be more likely to agree on what we think the church is, claims, and does. It’s just that the orthodox Mormon agrees with the church and the disaffected Mormon doesn’t. But liberal Mormons, on the other hand, seem to act by different rules. They challenge conventional notions of faith, obedience, truth, and belief. Liberal Mormons get attacked from both sides it seems, but in this post, I wanted to address my perception on arguments from conservative/orthodox Mormons.

In Best Religion and Race discussion, I have two nominations (2014 was a serious year for race for me), but the two posts really should go together in series: Mormonism and respectability politics and then Mormonism and race in 2014.

In Best Religion-and-Orientation Post, I have Ty Mansfield on Deconstructing Homosexuality (while preserving heterosexuality)

In Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion, I have Modal, Model, Mormonism.

Phew, that was a lot! (Sorry for skimming down on those last few!)

Now, onto the Wheaties!


I have been nominated as Best Overall Commenter! If you have enjoyed reading me on Facebook, in comments on blogs, etc., please consider picking me.

Then, in Best Personal Post was nominated my A Glimpse of Becoming White and Delightsome. If there were a category for race, this is what I would put here. If I could replace the religion and race discussions from Main Street Plaza with this one, I probably would.

For Best Current Events post, my post 4 Reasons why Disaffected Mormons become Atheists was nominated. In hindsight, this probably should have just been why disaffected Mormons don’t convert to traditional Christianity, but either way, I feel like more people should have read this post, so that maybe BCC wouldn’t have had another post asking about this very issue when people (yours truly) have already written on the subject. 😉 (I am now sure that people will come out to tell me how all do is just rehash what other people have said too…nothing new under the sun)


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  1. If your two posts on race were part of a series, then they should have been combined into a single line in the poll. Unfortunately, it’s too late to edit it now. However, if someone else wins but your combined number of votes is higher, I can declare two winners due to poll-creation error. (We’ve had ties in the past.)

    • Don’t worry! I didn’t intend for them to be part of a series, but someone I was talking to wasn’t getting the point from the stuff in the first post, so I felt like following up.

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