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I just have no stomach for their religious symbols and referents

May 27, 2014

I had a dream that I just woke up from. Rather than writing it down in the text file that I’ve written interesting dreams in (when I can remember to [which is usually not]), I’m writing it here.

In the dream, I had met several folks. I was happy to meet them, because they were friendly to me, and I thought that we were quickly becoming friends. We spent the entire day together, well into the night.

As I went home, I received the distinct impression that all was not as it seemed. That there was something unsavory about the people. They did not have my best interests in mind and they were plotting something against me.

This was alluded to at priesthood meeting at church (which apparently, I had gone to [and no one seemed to do any double-takes at that].) The church meeting was about deception and betrayal, but with a twist. It featured a fantastic re-enactment of what I think was supposed to be a historical event in Mormonism (here you will learn how ignorant I am of church history [although that apparently doesn’t stop my brain from running with certain terms]). I imagine it was supposed to be Mountain Meadows Massacre or something in the early Utah days, but the dream contents were nothing much like it. There was some guy who had come in the community, and he had made friends with everyone, but then the prophet had received revelation that this guy was up to no good, so it was decided that the Danites (hmm, I don’t know if they were contemporary/present at MMM, but whatever) should take him out preemptively.

But the weird thing was that even though we had advanced revelation that this guy was up to no good, and we had a large number of troops, the ambush on this ne’er-do-well was really executed terribly. I remember people jumping from the rafters (and the classroom suddenly turned into this outdoorsy saloon type environment for the play reenactment.) And the “narrator” of the play reported that historically, the day was won very narrowly…pretty much only because the church had a bicycle and this one, sole man, did not.

Anyway, there was a shootout, and I hid underneath a picnic table, using church metal foldout chairs to protect myself from bullet ricochet. The man eventually was killed, but at heavy casualties.

The casualties on the church side were explained due to several things: some people were loyal to fear, and so they fought less effectively. Some people were loyal to avoiding death, so they fought less effectively. And some people were loyal to (some other thing), but the important thing was they had not been loyal to God. (Hmm, and I was hiding under a table, using chairs for protection…and yet I seem to have made it out well enough.)

I guess that was a pretty poor “allusion” to my life circumstance, considering the roles appeared to be switched all up. Or maybe not?

After church, one of the girls in the party I had met — I’m guessing the leader of the group, based on the dynamics — asked to be a Facebook friend. I was skeptical of adding her, because of the impression and of the lesson at church. I tried looking up information on her and her friends, but I couldn’t access much information on Facebook (since I hadn’t accepted the friend request yet). So, instead, I looked through my text records at what was attached to their phone numbers. I found that the names that many of them had given me did not match what they were going by in Facebook (looking at her friends list for matching faces.)

This seemed to justify my suspicion, so now, the only question was…when would they strike?

The next day, I was on the way to meet up with them, thinking about if she would bring up that I had not accepted her friend request…and then, what would I answer next. I decided to go through the text records again, but in looking up phone information, I accidentally called the girl/leader. It was too late to just hang up, but fortunately, she didn’t answer and the message went to answering machine. I pressed random buttons on the phone to produce phone tones — this wasn’t a real call, just maybe a butt dial.

I came across her, and her friends at the top of a series of stairs, winding down what reminded me of my high school building (so this was one of those dreams, where I go back to high school, even though I’ve already graduated college. Maybe that’s also why church and living at home [wait, that’s a spoiler] weren’t strange?) She indeed had taken my failure to accept her friend request as offensive, and the strange phone call was the casus belli. Her male friends announced that anyone who messed with her was going to get it, and then they attacked.

I was ready, but I wasn’t particularly strong. I was hot with the knowledge that I had seen this betrayal coming, and I attacked wildly. I eventually ended up jumping down the staircase, or rather…the staircase sort of twisted, so there was a bit of space between stairs that extended to the bottom. That’s what I jumped down. A long dive down, attacking my assailants.

In the end, I was victorious, but still perturbed that such a betrayal had occurred (even if I already knew about it.) I went home, and upon arriving, I told my parents about it…about the impression, about the betrayal, about the fight. They seemed happy for my safety. My mom was ecstatic, and she asked me, “Should we bring out the candles? We need to celebrate, but how? Should we thank God, but how? What religion do you like? We’ll get some sort of cake representing it.”

But I was still perturbed. So, I said, “I don’t want anything to eat. I just have no stomach for their religious symbols and referents.”

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  1. Sounds like an interesting night.

    • Yeah, definitely. I have no idea how dream interpretation is supposed to work, but this dream was just so full that I had to write it here.

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