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The real source of the problem of single adult women in the LDS Church

March 24, 2014

I stumbled upon Jana Riess’s excellent article, “Where do smart, sexy, single Mormon thirty-somethings fit in the Church?” — a question that many folks unfortunately happen to be answering with: “they don’t.” This post went up a while ago, so there have already been comments — mostly from smart, sexy (not that I’m making a personal comment on ladies’ sexiness), single Mormon (or not so Mormon anymore) thirty-somethings. There were also posts from those who wanted to push back and challenge the narrative. But I have to say that the comment that took the cake was this one:

The Church is the greatest organization for womens rights that has ever existed on the face of the earth and I think that rather than calling the Church out for how its members handle single women, the writer of the article should take a step back and start blaming government for its overreach and wicked use of law against the Church’s past marriage practice of polygamy. After temples and property were threatened with seizure, the Lord said that He would fight the churches battles.

The blame placed on the Church for it’s inability to effectively help single women (that want marriage) when it was the governments actions of limiting mariages to one man and one woman is just another example of blaming the victims yet again. The above article is a great example of the “blame the victim” culture of which it came out of.

I seek to persuade the writer of the article that rather than spending time blaming the Church and its’ people in any form, find a solution to get government out of the Church’s way.

Church=victim. Women=victim. Church members=victim. Government=bad laws.

Given the recent series of posts about Ordain Women, calling the status quo church the “greatest organization for womens rights that has ever existed on the face of the earth” is already worthy of being Internet Comment of The Day material, but finding the source of the problem to being that pesky government? Pure genius.


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  1. Meh, I’m not terribly impressed. “The government” is pretty much the catch-all choice for people who are looking for a place where they can pin the blame rather than actually trying to analyze the problem.

  2. chanson,

    absolutely. No offense to internet libertarian types (well, maybe some offense), but it’s absolutely fascinating how for *any* discussion on the internet about *any* topic, someone can find a way to blame the government.

  3. Oh man… :/

  4. LOL. A troll perhaps? I can only hope.

    On a semi-unrelated note (excuse the tangent), I really appreciated this article because it was something I was able to share with Mormons without them feeling threatened by it. In fact, after I liked the article on facebook, I was contacted by several single Mormon women who saw that I had liked it, read it, and wanted to thank me for sharing. That doesn’t happen very often with the things I share about Mormonism!

    It’s an issue near and dear to my heart (and my exit from the church), and I continue to feel frustrated by how LDS leadership seems oblivious to its significance. As one of my single Mormon friends said to me, “I don’t understand how [leaders] don’t see what is going on!…or why they would choose to ignore it…” Sigh.

  5. Sarah,

    When I went back to see who had originally posted the article on FB (which brought my attention to it), it was you.

    I definitely agree — Riess has been on the ball recently with accessible, yet still thought-provoking articles…

  6. Yes, the idea that the government is to blame was rather humorous, but I was gobsmacked by the clear implication that we wouldn’t have any problems with single women in the church if only we were still allowed to practice polygamy. o_O

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