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Religious Conservatism Killed Religion For Me

March 23, 2014

I don’t know how better to say it. I’ve tried to say it specifically with respect to Ordain Women here on this blog, and I tried to generalize it at Wheat & Tares (but the conversation derailed into 1) a discussion on whether Kate Kelly had “gone too far” and 2) a discussion about the moderation policies of W&T), but I don’t think the message is coming out as distilled as it could be.

I think the basic message is this:

Religious conservatives can either go for relevance and growth OR ideological purity.

They can pick one of the two options. But as religious conservatives remain true to ideological traditions that are increasingly seen as draconian, out of step with modern values, and so on, people will determine that those religions are irrelevant at best, or actively harmful at worst.

The thing that has surprised me most is the extent to which people’s responses have basically proven my point. For example, when someone says:

Personally, I’ve embraced God’s injustice.

That is a non-starter for me. To be fair, they say that they have embraced God’s injustice out of a response to a call to the divine. But many folks simply don’t get that, and don’t find it compelling if they do.

It reminds me of the Millennial Star post that argued that yes, God is a child-sacrificing misogynist and racist bigot.

What reason have I to actually follow said deity?

For whatever it’s worth, I totally get that we shouldn’t expect a deity to be a mirror reflection of the political/social thought espoused by, say, ThinkProgress. I am totally aware that even though we might think we are doing a good job going forward morally (and not regressing), those in the future may look at us with extreme horror at the prejudices that were commonplace.

However, it just strikes me that f0r religion to cling to the prejudices of yesteryear that we have collectively decided in secular society are simply not OK…this is a non-starter.


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