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Why Utah is the Multi-Level Marketing Capital of the US

January 30, 2014

Someone posted this article on discrimination against non-Mormons in Southern Utah in a Facebook group I read, but upon reading a particular quote, I thought the article was instead about why Utah falls for multi-level marketing/pyramid scheme frauds.

Kevin Hansen, a local contractor who is a Mormon, said he believes Mormon people are, on average, more trustworthy than non-Mormons. He said he doesn’t see a big problem with favoring LDS people in business dealings.

“People who practice this faith and believe this religion are different,” he said. “We start from youth to believe in the Ten Commandments.” He went on to discuss the discipline and work ethics Latter-day Saint men and women learn on their missions.

“We freely put ourselves through that kind of scrutiny to be members in good standing,” he said. “If there’s a confessional in some other church – well, that’s totally voluntary. We confess once every two years as adults that are temple worthy.”

That good ole Mormon sense of discernment always saves the day, don’t it?


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