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Remembering Online Mormonism via CONTESTS! Brodies and Wheaties Voting

January 24, 2013

Ultimately, I don’t know how I feel about having multiple Mormon-interest internet media awards series happening at the same time. Maybe there’s enough gap in the two populations that it doesn’t matter, but I don’t quite think so. And in this case, I have to admit what chanson pointed out before — Main Street Plaza’s Brodies began planning and executing earlier than Wheat & Tares Wheaties and Tare-ific Awards, so really, W&T should have deferred.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t too involved in the planning of either award, and I have to give my props to chanson and Mormon Heretic for implementing instead of just talking (which is pretty much all I do.)

That being said, as this introduction would suggest, there are two sets of awards to check out…and I definitely think that you should, when you have time. (I don’t have a whole lot of time, but I look forward to reading various categories’ entries.) Given that I don’t have a lot of time, this post will focus on the stuff that doesn’t take a lot of time to do — recommend stuff that I (or the bloggers closest to me) have written.

The Brodies

2012 Brodie Awards

Wheat and Tares has been entered for the Best faithful-perspective Mormon blog category…if you read and enjoy W&T, definitely think about voting for us. (Feminist Mormon Housewives currently leads, but Doves and Serpents takes second so far.)

As far as individual bloggers go…Jake and Mormon Heretic have both been entered in at least one category apiece. Jake’s piece The Cost of Being Mormon has been entered in the Most Insightful Discussion of Mormon Culture section. Additionally, Jake’s Thou Art a Whore was nominated as Best History Piece.

As for Mormon Heretic, his piece Is Gender Really Eternal? was nominated in the Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion section.

Last but not least, even I got a couple of nominations:

My Mormon Intra-faith Dialogue Under Controlled Circumstances is in the Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction set.

And last, but assuredly not least…my Baking is SO not dumb made it to the Best Recipe section!

Wheaties and Tare-ific Awards

Wheaties Awards


Of course, Wheat & Tares has been nominated in the Best Big Blog category, per usual.

Main Street Plaza represents in the Best Group Blog category…and at this point, it’s 3rd place!

Somehow, in some way, Irresistible (Dis)Grace got nominated for best solo blog. I have little chance of beating Ardis Parshall’s Keepapitchinin, alas. (Especially not after BCC gets a whiff that voting is happening, I imagine.)

Similarly, I was personally nominated as Best Overall Blogger. With the field of players including hawkgrrrl and Margaret Young, I probably have even less hope here, though, haha.

It’s definitely going to be tough for chanson to compete against Joanna Brooks as best contribution (contributor?) to interfaith dialogue, but MSP, and I might add, Outer Blogness, are definitely some standout contributions to the entire Mormon map.

Now…about these Tare-ific Awards…not only is Tare-ific Awards such a terrific (tare-ific?) name…but the concept…man.

Like, the category for Worst Mormon internet drama (which I originally suggested)…I honestly can’t decide which was the most annoying. So far, I’m leaning toward the MormonThink/David Twede fiasco, but I’m really more interested in seeing what other folks think. (I imagine John Dehlin’s star-power rivalry vs. Dan Peterson…or perhaps Joanna Brooks’ similar kerfluffles against Ralph Hancock…will take the prize. But Pantsocalypse will probably be a formidable competitor as well…)


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