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Sex cults aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

January 11, 2013

In this post, I admit that I am not using the term “sex cult” probably in reference to any traditional, standard use of the term. In doing this, I imagine that I will probably offend a lot of people who may think I’m trivializing the concept by using it inaccurately.

(And if I don’t offend those people, then I’ll probably offend another set of people by how I will be using the term.)

To start, though, back when I was in junior high and high school — when people said stupid, trivializing, and probably offensive stuff all the time without caring — I knew some people who would say that Mormonism (and in particular, polygamy) was such a great idea. I mean, having all of those women! Clearly a top tier religion.

Although they didn’t know (because they didn’t understand modern Mormonism enough to know that polygamy isn’t practiced [at least not in this life] anymore), what they were saying was surprisingly short-sighted. Even when looking at historical Mormon polygamy, it wasn’t exactly roses.

I think that people tend to have similarly warped ideas about the idea of a “sex cult”. I mean, sex all the time with anyone? What could be better?

But what if that’s not what a sex cult would look like?

What if a sex cult, instead of making sex this universalized thing, were really about putting sex on a pedestal of privilege?

The sex cult would regulate who can have sex, when, with whom, and for what purposes.

It would recognize the great consequences, emotional, physical, and otherwise, that can come from sex, and the responsibility that those consequences should bear on its participants.

It would recognize the power to create and the power to destroy, trying to limit those instances that are likely to instantiate what it sees as the destructive tendencies, and to encourage what it sees as the creative.

As a result, I’d imagine a sex cult to be very focused on children and family. Perhaps a sex cult would mandate that proper relationships focus on children — that the only legitimate family is one that can bear children of its sexual unions.

The individuals would be subsumed by the family, and by the creative sexual act. So of course, instead of man and woman or husband and wife, we would see in every person a father or a mother. Fatherhood and motherhood would be the highest and most valued roles for men and women — and there would be little tolerance for those who did not recognize the supreme importance of these roles, or who sought different roles for their lives.

For such members of a sex cult, sexuality would have an extremely complicated role. It would be vital to one’s life purpose, but as a result on the restrictions of what kind of sex was appropriate, we could see the sex cult simultaneously advising people not to put off marriage, sex, and of course, children…while at the same time, cautioning others (whether those who are too young, those who are unmarried, or those who seek relationships with the wrong kinds of partners) that sex is not a great thing, sexuality is not a big part of their lives and shouldn’t be a big part of their identity.

The sex cult will struggle with whether they should try to reform those deemed to have inappropriate sexual proclivities so that they can partake of the ideal sex…or whether they should de-emphasize sex for these folks.

It will be very trying and very moving for those unafflicted who observe the afflicted.


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