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Yay Mormon blogging awards! (and thoughts about other Internet media)

January 9, 2013

With the stay of a new year, it is time to reminisce about the stuff we wrote and read last year.

The Niblets didn’t seem to make it through 2012, but Wheat & Tares has taken upon itself the task of hosting a new, totally non-niblet award… Two of them, in fact: Wheat & Tares announces both the Wheaties and Tare-ific Awards so that we can reminisce not only about the best Mormon blogging moments of 2012, but also the worst.
As I looked through the categories, there was a distinct lack that bothered me. The categories that were offered by default were blog-centric. Maybe that’s precisely what an award for bloggernacle contributions should be about, but I think this improperly constricts the discussion, which ultimately should be about exposing people to some of the best content from the best year.

Fortunately, that’s what write-in categories are for, right?

So, my first post was not so much about nominations as about expanding the scope of the awards. I wrote in categories for best podcast, best Mormon Facebook group, and for the Tare-ific Awards, I wrote in a category for worst Mormon Internet drama.

While just within the world of blogging, there have been several things out note that came out of 2012 (for example, the group blogs Real Intent and Worlds Without End come to mind of the top of my head), when you expand to non-blog media, 2012 becomes an especially active year.

2012 was when both Mormon Expositor and Infants on Thrones began, not to mention the Open Stories Foundation umbrella projects A Thoughtful Faith and Mormon Stories Sunday School. And that’s definitely not an exhaustive listing.

Even just by focusing on blogs, Facebook groups, and podcasts, I am necessarily missing other media for Mormon discussion, whether faithful or disaffected. I don’t know if 2012 was the first year for this to happen, but in the past year, faithful members live tweeting during General Conference made #LDSconf a tending topic. Disaffected members, while scarcer on Twitter, definitely have a larger presence on reddit via r/Exmormon.

I think it will be tough for 2013 to compete…The Mormon Moment associated with Mitt Romney’s campaign has now ended. Mormonism once again becomes a community of insiders discussing themselves, while outsiders remain uninterested.


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  1. Of course, because there weren’t already any blogging awards where people could suggest new categories, etc….

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