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Homophobia and Sexism from the bowels of twitter

March 17, 2012

So, there’s a thing that’s been going around: 100 Real Tweets from Homophobes. How did this start? Well, it started from the twitter hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild, where people write messages, well, to their hypothetical unborn children. You’d think that these as-of-yet-nonparents would take the time to share heartfelt advice to dealing with life and the world…but instead, the best advice some people can think to give is: Better not “turn out” gay.

What’s fascinating about many of these tweets isn’t *just* the homophobia here. (And I know some people are going to jump on me for saying “homophobia.” These tweets aren’t afraid of homosexuality, they just hate it enough to want to kill their own flesh and blood if they are gay. That’s totally different, fear and hatred-unto-death, right?) It’s about all of the other statements that some of these people make:

From one person:

#ToMyUnbornChild if your a boy don’t be gay or you will die

From this, I thought: so male homosexuality means death. But lesbianism is totally totally ok, right? Here’s another comment that says something similar:

#ToMyUnbornChild if you are a boy please dont be gay or you will die and if you are a girl i’ll only accept being bisexual

So, bi is ok for girls.

From another person:

#ToMyUnbornChild you better not be gay, or a pussy or you will die

Maybe it’s just about gender role stereotypes…men have to be manly and masculine. And to many people, gay people can never be manly or masculine. Nope. Another commenter comes from that vantage point:

#tomyunbornchild if u dress, talk or act like a fag i will kill you.

In other words, it’s not just *being* gay. It’s dressing or talking or acting like a fag too. Because gay people assuredly all act, talk, and dress in a similar manner.

On the other hand, maybe the emphasis on male homosexuality is just because people have poor views of women in general:

#ToMyUnbornChild if your a girl i will drown you in the bathtub, and if your a guy and your turn into a faggot ill kill you

I mean, gender-biased infanticide is definitely already a thing. But I didn’t think people would admit to their thoughts of such on Twitter. I guess, with respect to females, we have this piece of advice:

#ToMyUnbornchild Never sweat these females & you bet not be gay neither or ima hang you from,a bridge and beat you

Other than these lessons about women, and gender stereotypes…I’m just intrigued by the descriptions of violence here…people have preferred methods of killing their potential gay children:

#tomyunbornchild the first time you experience your gay moment I’m stepping on your throat #fuckwitme

Stepping on a throat.

#ToMyUnbornChild if you turn like this ~~~~ (gay) imma hang yo ass wit a coat rack lol

Coat rack.

But the best:

#ToMyUnbornChild if you’re gay, or even think about men, I’m sending you to Uganda to join Kony’s child army. I won’t lose any sleep over it

I want to read this book: about a gay boy sold into child soldiery. He becomes a super soldier…and then he comes back for revenge.

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