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This comment is like deja vu

March 14, 2012

Although I still need to dive into these articles, on my computer, I have tabs open for why one guy left Google for Microsoft, and I would be reading this New York Times article on why this other guy left Goldman Sachs, but I am paywalled by New York Times and too lazy to figure out a way to get around it (so instead, I’ll just stick to the MetaFilter discussion.)

From said discussion is one comment that sounded REALLY familiar to me:

Since when did “I am leaving organisation X and here is why ::goes in great depth of percieved organisation faults::”, become a *thing* ?

I’ve seen Techcruch, and Google, and now G Sachs related posts all in the Blue this past year.

Why can’t people just quit without crowing about it?

Or is this something you just have to be within a certain high tax bracket of salary to understand?

Yeah, I’ll just put it this way…ex-Mormons obviously have been doing this for a long time. I imagine that individual ex-employees from big organizations have been doing it too for a while. The difference is now that these kinds of posts will get into mainstream news sites, whereas before it was just limited to relatively low-scale blogs and forums.

I think that the implication that this sort of thing is only really possible when one has achieved a certain level of socio-economic privilege (“is this something you just have to be within a certain high tax bracket of salary to understand?“) is interesting…as I have said before: outrage is a product paid for with privilege.

At the same time, I think that in the religious sphere, there is a sizeable amount of devotion/identity issues that mean that people are naturally going to want to “crow about” leaving.


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