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Annoyingly prolific

March 11, 2012

Isn’t it interesting how different bloggers can have different posting frequencies? Every morning (correction: on the weekends, it’s more like “every afternoon”) when I wake up, I have several emails in my inbox (normal)…but what I’ve noticed recently is that four or five of those emails will be blog posts that one person I know has posted on her blog in the past evening.

Four or five blog posts every evening? Holy crap!

Meanwhile, here I am, feeling productive if I can manage to churn out one post every week for Wheat & Tares, and then one every few days for here…and then, I’m trying to write something for Main Street Plaza since I’ve had a rather lengthy hiatus from there. It’s just night and day.

…and then, on what was a little bit more of a spur of the moment, but differently less than a totally planned purchase, I bought a microphone…so now I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of audio dealie or maybe getting some kind of video camera (or just using my DSLR) and doing some kind of youtube video series or whatever. But who am I kidding? What would I talk about? Or rather, what would I talk about on a regular basis?

Sometimes I think about doing something musical…but I didn’t bring my sax with me to Houston, so I’d have to go back up to Oklahoma to get it (or get a new one…I’ve always wanted to learn tenor sax…that’s coincidentally the only one out of the main four that I haven’t played yet), but then I realize that I have a lot of bad habits that I would have to unlearn, and I wasn’t really the best saxophonist to begin with.

And every time I try to do some singing and I hear my voice played back, I realize that I definitely would need some vocal work as well.

How can I be a jack of all trades when I’m not exactly brimming with natural talent in all of these areas, but neither have I invested the hours in to overcome said lacks of natural talent?

My friends want me to draw more comics, but then I realize that I don’t really know how to draw, and it’s painfully obvious.

I would like to do some writing (maybe start of with short stories before going to a novel?), but then I realize that fiction is a whole different ballgame than essay-writing. And even for essay-writing, I’m not really that great…

(This post turned out to be a surprisingly depressing self-evaluation. I’m going to end this here and never read it again, before I start feeling really bad.)

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  1. Haha, I totally could have written this post myself.

  2. Clearly, all the less-than-prolific bloggers and creative types of the world should join together and make a super-creative, super (collectively) prolific group blog.

    And we’ll call it Wheat & Tares. :3

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