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Who gets to determine what Mormonism is with respect to Christianity?

October 13, 2011

On Wheat and Tares, I have my latest post — Mormonism: Christian Cult or Radical(ly Distinct) Religion. (I actually evaluate another option…different denomination…but the title was long enough as it was…)

I guess, the central part of the discussion is…who has the authority to say who is Christian or non-Christian? And what should “Christian” mean? (because to an outsider, the theological nuances simply don’t matter as much as they do to insiders…but are the definitions for outsiders or insiders?)

In any case, I had a fun comment to the article from Jettboy:

I am just wonder why you, Andrew S, a non-Mormon, are even asking the question?

“For example, if someone claims that Mormons are not creedal Christians, then we can say that that’s true…we aren’t creedal Christians. So what?”

Or are you claiming with this sentence and the use of “We” that you do consider yourself Mormon? I thought you left the LDS Church?

I have enjoyed your posts, but have become increasingly uncomfortable with you as an outsider talking as if you are an insider. Call my response ironic, but there it is.

And that actually leads to a parallel discussion to the one of whether Mormons are Christian…that being whether Mormons are Mormon. Interestingly enough, I also became a point of discussion in that article as well.

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