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At Wheat and Tares, Fractures and Factions of Mormon Blogging

September 15, 2011

world fault lines

So, I’m starting my own Mormon blogging history series at Wheat and Tares, and the first part of Fractures and Factions is up.

I linked the article on r/exmo (with snarkier, more attention-grabbing headline, of course), and I got a very interesting response:

As an active participating member of the LDS Church, a conservative, and an IT Professional, I have to say that I HATE, loath, despise and detest the so called “Bloggernacle” of ‘progressive’ Mormon bloggers. I would rather put my head in front of a shotgun than have to deal with them on a regular basis.

The few times I have attempted to interact with the Bloggernacle, I have regretted it. They are the worst the Church has to offer.

In many ways the Reddit ExMo group is a better forum and more respectful than the so called “Bloggernacle”.

One thing I will say is that I have never heard an ex-Mormon site called more respectful than a Mormon site, but then again, the Bloggernacle is predicated on this in-group/out-group dynamic of which, if you’re not in, you’re really not in. (I am really interested in hearing if the commenter from above has seen Nothing Wavering, and if so, what does he think? Because if he still considers r/exmo a “better forum,” then that means there’s an entire dynamic for which I haven’t accounted: people value the openness of communities, and so the Disaffected Mormon Underground has value that the Bloggernacle [or Nothing Wavering, or…] does not.)


  1. I can’t think of a bigger compliment to /r/exmormon than having an active mormon say it is better than the bloggernacle.

    A couple of years before I started my journey out of mormonism, I grew disenchanted with the bloggernacle and stopped reading any of the sites in it.

  2. He responded:

    “But at least with THIS forum you know what to expect when you come here. You can expect to be attacked on predictable lines.

    Unlike the ‘Bloggernacle’ where you’re getting attacked by your own kind.

    I’ll check out “Nothing Wavering” thanks for the suggestion. (and see, you actually had something useful to say other than I’m some sort of sinner because I believe in the rule of law or something. Thanks for proving my point.)”

    In other words, he knows what to expect from ex-mos even if not positive, where the Bloggernacle will treat you horribly if you disagree with them no matter how much they preach tolerance for ideas: whose ideas?

  3. Jettboy,

    I think that’s because of a point I have yet to make…that whereas people think the dividing line is between belief and disbelief, this really doesn’t work that well. There are political (not just national, but church-based) differences between the kinds of people in the Bloggernacle and the kinds of people in, say, Nothing Wavering.

  4. people value the openness of communities, and so the Disaffected Mormon Underground has value that the Bloggernacle [or Nothing Wavering, or…] does not.)

    I hope you’re right.

    That openness has been central to my vision for MSP and Outer Blogness from the beginning. It’s mostly by/for former Mormons, but if you’re simply interested in Mormonism, or if you’re a saint who doesn’t mind hanging with the sinners, or if you’re a former Mormon who never writes about Mormonism on your blog, you’re still welcome to be a part of the community if you want to be. Practically the only group I’d exclude is spammers who have no connection/interest in Mormonism and are simply looking for a free link…

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