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Cultural Mormonism and Smartphone Brand Loyalty

July 2, 2011

Apple religion

My latest post at Wheat & Tares is up: Fanboys, smartphones, and cultural Mormons.

Often, I have viewed religious affiliation in terms of corporate brand loyalty…but my assumption was that one would only be loyal to a brand to the extent that that brand (and its products and services) provided positive pragmatic benefits to him. But with involvement in the webOS community, roller coaster as it has been especially with the new TouchPad launch, I find a nascent component of faith — a trust or hope that things will improve (clinging to any rumor, no matter how unlikely) even when past results show that is wishful thinking (and many become disappointed by the failure of rumors).

The thing I was thinking about is…if there is this kind of faith for a mundane brand, why do I feel so reluctant to show the same treatment to Mormonism?

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