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My Terrible Dislike of the activity of reading…at Wheat & Tares

May 21, 2011

My latest article, Reading and Stockholm Syndrome (?), is up at Wheat & Tares.

I actually think I get a lot of reading done. I think that instead of reading source documents, I get around by reading secondary sources about those documents; plenty of internet reviews and analyses and blog posts that talk about the thing in question.

It just sucks in those cases when that is clearly not enough to have a good understanding of a work.

I will say, the Annie Dillard passage from an AP English practice test truly did make me feel as if high school was a carefully conceived joke. I have to admit that it wasn’t two months before graduation. It must have been two months before the end of my junior year, because I definitely had a different English teacher for senior year.

It’s really sad that a lot of people act like I’m an alien for bringing up its sentiments. Or act as if I’m defective or whatever.

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