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A God I Could Believe In…at Wheat & Tares

April 23, 2011

I have my latest post, A God I Could Believe In, over at Wheat and Tares.

Easter Cross

I was worried this time that it might not be received well. After all, this is Easter weekend, and this is a post about (at best) the Epiphany. Secondly, W&T is a mostly theistic site, and mine is a post that expresses great disagreement with “traditionally” theistic conceptions of God (although, I believe, the titular “god I could believe in” wouldn’t necessarily be in TOO much disagreement with the LDS conception of God or the God argued in the New God Argument [which I had a bit of discussion about in the comments to my previous post on a naturalist God].)

Thirdly, I think people get antsy when they hear atheists talking about deity formulations they would consider reasonable. Because isn’t the point (for many theists) that God is beyond reason? That God’s way are not our ways, and that therefore, you don’t reason yourself into a God you “could” believe in, but you extend yourself past all reason — you let go — in confrontation with experiences with the God that you feel compelled to believe in? (Yeah, I’m not there.)

…So, for those reasons I thought it wouldn’t go over well. And, I mean, it’s too early to tell whether the post will garner a lot of comments or not. But early on, there are three very positive responses, each from people who I don’t normally see commenting on my articles. Yay me.

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