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Reasons why cultural Mormonism doesn’t exist…at Wheat & Tares

February 13, 2011


Pharisees and Cultural Mormons and Liars, Oh My!

So, yesterday, I hastily published my newest post at Wheat and Tares, collecting my rumbling thoughts on the tenuousness of the concept of “cultural Mormonism.” As has been the case for the past few weekends when my posts go live, I was away at a fencing tournament this weekend, so I didn’t get to respond to all the comments until this weekend. (Neither did I correctly attribute all the links and pictures I linked to, haha.)

Young StrangerThere have been fewer comments and views this time around than in previous posts (but I’m still glad for the level of discussion), but this time, I’ve been treated to quite a few links from others discussing the post. John Gustav-Wrathall wrote further comments about my conclusion that cultural Mormonism is always an unintended byproduct of real religion. FULL DISCLOSURE: that wasn’t “my” original thought. I have heard it enough from Bruce N. and Seth R.

Millennial StarSpeaking of Bruce N, he wrote a post at Millennial Star focusing on the deception that may distinguish different kinds of non-believing Mormons. (In which case: differently believing or nonbelieving Mormons are welcome — just be open about it.)

We Were Going To Be queensKiley at We Were Going to be Queens wrote about her desire to be a cultural Mormon (also giving a shout-out to the Mormon Expression podcast I was on discussing Alma 32…which was what my last W&T’s post was about)

UPDATE: Chanson has included the post in the  “Cultural Mormon Conundrum” edition of Sunday in Outer Blogness.

And those are just the ones I’ve gotten to so far.

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