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I dare to address polygamy…at Wheat and Tares

January 15, 2011

So, this week, I actually had a few post ideas swirling around in my head for discussion. I was really quite excited, since normally, I just don’t feel like I have anything to talk about. Or at least, nothing to talk about that anyone would really care about. (I actually had a friend on facebook chastise me for posting too many “pointless” “slow news day articles.” It really bothered me.)

From a blogging standpoint, I still feel like Irresistible (Dis)Grace is home, and other blogs aren’t, so I feel I have to be careful what things I talk about where.

Anyway, despite all of those swirling ideas, the idea I actually committed to came recently: there were several posts around the interwebs that made me think about polygamy. You have a single female Mormon who’s alone; people who discuss this discrepancy between single females and single males in certain age groups within the church (with conjectures on the psychological or emotional states of each). And then there are comments like these.

And so I wondered why there was this connotation running throughout about polygamy. In chanson’s case, it is something that is “kidded about,” and well, Seth stirs the pot anyway, so anything that Seth says with a straight face reflects upon (or maybe condemns or ridicules) the world around (and yet, even he admitted partial tongue-in-cheekiness), and Sarah’s comment, like many I’ve seen, asserted a doubt that polygamy could satisfy needs that people want.

I drew up some other, more finely aged (yeah, let’s describe them that way) articles, and I came out with one I can appreciate. Please check it out.

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