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November 25, 2010

ThanksgivingI am thankful for Twitter, which limits tweets to a mere 140 characters, necessitating extreme brevity, and for Facebook, which requires that statuses be less than 420 characters. Because now I get to elaborate on some things for which I am thankful in more detail.

But even without a limit, this list still is not exhaustive.

I am thankful for my parents, who raised me not to be a fool. I am thankful that they have supported me every step of the way in my endeavors, when I know many other people (and, tragically, many people whose blogs I enjoy reading) are in a situation where their parents (or perhaps their spouse, or their children) are not willing to stick with them no matter what. I am thankful that whenever I’ve had troubles with scholarships at school, my mom has been monitoring my account, so she knows about the issue and resolves it before I even have thought to check my financial aid status. I am thankful that, throughout high school and middle school, whenever anything happened with the administration, my parents were willing to cooperate with the teachers and reprimand me if I was in the wrong (which made me a better person), but they were always FIRST willing to hear my side of the story in order to advocate for me.

I am thankful for my brothers and sister, because they are all hilarious, witty, and talented people who brighten every day. I am thankful for one brother because I can eat the tacos (that I’m convinced are really breakfast burritos) that he buys from Fuego and his protests that I eat his stuff are still absolutely hilarious (and completely not a deterrent in any way). I am thankful for my youngest brother and sister because they really care — to the extent of latching on to me like remoras whenever I visit home to hear whatever I say…except of course, words “Go away.”

I am thankful for the engineers at Chrysler, because when I flipped my Neon over in March, the seatbelt kept me in, the airbag cushioned me, & the car didn’t explode. I am thankful for the guy who stopped, saw that I had a knot on my forehead, and thought it prudent to call for an ambulance. I am thankful for the fact that out in the middle of a state highway, we can still contact ambulances because of cell phones.

I am grateful for everyone in the medical profession I interacted with in that time — doctors, nurses, EMTs, even the janitors — who made sure that the knot on my forehead wasn’t anything worse. For the chain of researchers and scientists who, long ago, figured out what head traumas can potentially do to the brain so that said medical professionals know what to look for.

I am thankful that I had so many opportunities to speak at church, because now I’m a pretty competent speaker and presenter. I am grateful for my English teachers (and my other teachers too) for teaching me how to recognize and appreciate good writing (even if I don’t always live up to producing it.) I am grateful for my unofficial fencing coaches (and the people in the fencing club who have been fencing for a lot longer than I have) for teaching me how to recognize and appreciate good form…and view fencing as freaking art (even if I DEFINITELY don’t live up to producing it.)

I am thankful for the various inventors of the internet and the world wide web…Tim Berners-Lee, DARPA, Al Gore, etc., because now I have the opportunity to reach out to so many people without even getting out of bed.

I am thankful for everyone who thinks I occasionally write something that’s worth reading to them…and I am thankful for everyone who writes things that’re certainly worth reading to me.

I am even thankful for all the people who think I am obnoxious and melodramatic, because they are trying to teach me a lesson that I will figure learn one of these days, just probably not today or tomorrow.

I am thankful for all of the group projects I hate in all of my classes, because they are trying to teach me how to work with others and how to work with uncertainty and a lack of full information while under pressure. Another lesson that I have yet to learn but which I must learn one of these days.

I am thankful for pain and struggle, because I would be a sorrier person without it. I am thankful that I haven’t experienced what I would consider “gratuitous suffering” — anything I have suffered through has afforded me growth opportunity.

Now, instead of drafting a conclusion, I’m going to eat more yams.


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