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The Pact of Secrecy

September 28, 2010

So, the past day or so has been exciting for blogging (despite nothing here at Irresistible (Dis)Grace), and I probably shouldn’t even begin to tell you why, because things are still in flux. [But maybe I’ll break that.]

But one thing that’s been exciting for me offline is the release of Civilization V. What I love about Civ V is that I don’t feel that I get hopelessly behind in the game if I have fewer cities. Additionally, the changes to combat make even me, the ultimate peacemonger, enjoy fighting a war or so. Then there are the city states…it was an absolutely magical experience to see all the city states jointly declare war on an AI who was being too aggressive against a few of them.

One new addition to Civ V that has intrigued me is the Pact of Secrecy. The Pact of Secrecy seems a little fuzzy to me, but as far as I can tell, if one civ distrusts another, then they can ask you to enter this pact where you both will avoid dealing with that other civ. This doesn’t declare war, but it’s a way of seeing how civs feel about each other (and if you comply with the pact, then you might even make a friend of the pact requester.)

Unfortunately, pacts of secrecy don’t seem to be anywhere near as cool as secret combinations.

I guess I had a moment involving a pact of secrecy yesterday and today. The problem? If someone is going to announce a confidential chain of emails behind someone else’s back, I guess that’s all well and good (I’m not going to preach to anyone about netiquette today…), but
it completely defeats the purpose when some person blabs all of the proceedings to some other dude to publicize elsewhere. Talk about hanging up the dirty underwear (of which, I am aware of the irony in hanging up this dirty laundry)!

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  1. Depressing. I guess this little contretemps is the end of Mormon Matters. Too bad.

    One can’t help but speculate how much of this is fueled by fears of excommunication on the part of MM bloggers.

  2. Depends on who you mean when you say “MM bloggers.” I probably am already saying too much (actually, I guess this has all been “revealed”)…but most of this is John’s executive decisionmaking. The rest of us are still trying to figure out what happened.

  3. I hope you guys can work something out. I’d hate to see the blog go away because of this.

  4. Things are definitely already in the works. New name, mostly the same folks.

  5. Things are definitely already in the works. New name, mostly the same folks

    Awesome. Let us know when you guys have a new place worked out.

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