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Passive learning

September 3, 2010

I just finished the first week of classes and I’ve been noticing something… (I’ve actually noticed this a few times before.)

When I’m learning new material, I either grasp it easily (which is what I prefer), or for some reason, I just can’t grasp the material at all (which is terrible for my grades, of course).

But what I’ve found is that, with time, incomprehensible material soaks in.

This seems to be an unconscious process…Solving hundreds and thousands of practice problems doesn’t accelerate the process. Rather, what I’ve noticed is such a process happens when I have had nothing to do with the subject at hand for months at a time.

For example, in my partnership tax class, we are currently only reviewing stuff from individual and corporate tax. I remember some of this stuff seeming so difficult back then. But now, all of this stuff seems perfectly sensible.

I want this feeling to last, but I suspect that as soon as we start getting into new material, things will change.


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  1. Learning can be achieved in all sorts of ways, but some* are likely better than others in the long run. šŸ™‚ Sounds like all that effort you invested in learning last year was well-spent and is now paying off. Brains are freaking awesome.

    *According to Michelene Chi
    passive learning < active learning < constructive learning < interactive learning
    (see )

  2. yeah, I recognize that “passive learning” describes something totally different and is not very effective. I just don’t really know how to describe what I’ve noticed over and over.

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