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Post (dis)semination, new poll, and housekeeping

August 24, 2010

The Exponent SocialHow timely is it that the Exponent has gotten social? Actually, the above tweet is a lie. @TheExponent is already really great at being social — their twitter account is excellent and engaging. Some other blog twitter accounts could learn from them and learn to engage and share rather than just self-advertising. (this hits closer to home than you think and is a very inside joke.)

But I get what this tweet means. The new thing is that now you can share Expo posts with the click of a button.

As I said, how timely. Because it turns out that starting today, you can do this with every blog, including Irresistible (Dis)Grace. Of course, I wanted my own personal flair to it, so instead of sharing, you can (dis)seminate your favorite posts with links placed at the bottom of them.

That makes me want to take the time and ask all of you some questions about how you keep up with things like posts, comments, me, your friends, or whatever else.

I think I follow many of you on twitter already…but are there any of you whose twitter accounts escape me? You can find in the upper right hand corner of the blog a link to my twitter. Also, next to it is a link to subscribe to Irresistible (Dis)Grace via RSS (which I like to cal my I(RRS)istible Subscription option.)

That leads to the next question? Does anyone actually prefer RSS? I might have mentioned this, but I have never liked it. It just seems like a necessary evil since not every blog has up-to-the-moment subscription by email options. To me, RSS forces me to go out of my way — since RSS-to-email services like Feed My Inbox are now highly limited unless you pay, seeing RSS updates requires me to go to a different page or program than the one that all of my email is in. I’m likely to let my RSSes pile up and gather dust, but I’m not likely to let my inbox do the same.

But enough about that. See, Irresistible (Dis)Grace gives both options — the RSS subscription option and the email subscription. At the bottom of every post is the option to subscribe to site updates by email, but also, on the sidebar is the option to sign up for the Irresistible (Dis)tribution as well.

Another option that is available at the bottom of every post — one that I love a lot and think every blog should have — is the ability to subscribe to comments by email.

I’ll tell you — I can see how MAYBE someone might want to subscribe to a site by RSS…but I do not see how ANYONE in their right mind would sign up for comments by RSS…I did that once (as far as I can tell, Mormon Stories only has RSS subscription), and it was ugly and inelegant.

The problem once again is this: I simply do not check sites randomly. If I don’t have feedback that there is an update, I’m liable never to return to the site again. This is true with commenting. I feel bad with my “drive by commenting,” as is my current pattern of commenting at Eliza R. Snitch’s blog, but I don’t feel too bad, since it could all be fixed by email subscription as an option.

I don’t want to get a big head or anything, but isn’t it timely that after I nudged some people gently at Mormon Matters, Main Street Plaza, Seth Payne‘s blog, and probably a few others I have yet to think of, shortly after, the maintainers of these blogs just happened to implement this feature? I’m not saying I’m responsible; after all, correlation does not equal causation.

So, that leads me to point to my next thing…how do you prefer to keep up with new comments? I have a poll on the side about this question…but so far, it’s only had one vote. I know, I know, my polls are often not entirely glamorous, and they aren’t placed so well on the site.

So the final things I will ask are some housekeeping kinds of questions. Do you even notice things like the poll? Do you ever even scroll down enough to notice it? What about the other things on the sidebar, like the sideblog (err, irresistible (dis)patches)? Do you ever pay attention to that stuff?

When I got this new theme, I had to make the tough decision to move my blogroll (and now it’s in need of update). But did you ever click on blogs from the blogroll before (when it was on the side), and do you ever click to the dedicated page now? I feel sometimes like either way, no one clicks, and that a better solution is to periodically link to others with context, or to use an updating blogroll, like MSP also implemented recently.

Well, I can tell you, if you’re expecting an updating blogroll on I(D)G, don’t hold your breath.

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  1. I use Outlook to read my mail and Google Reader to read blogs. I never mix mail and blogs. I don’t want my inbox cluttered up with 200 posts a day.

    With Google Reader, if the full post is in the feed, I just read it there, unless I want to comment (or read comments) or see a video or picture or whatever.

  2. For me, I always click into the blog post, so that’s not a big benefit to RSS. If I don’t click, then that means I’m not reading the blog post, lol.

  3. My situation is similar to kuri’s. I occasionally sign up for email notifications for things, but I generally keep my email and blog time separate. I read so many blogs that I kind of need to just wait until I have a relaxing block of time open up my RSS reader and go through them all. If I received an email for every post on every blog I read, my actual email would get drowned.

    Re: shortly after, the maintainers of these blogs just happened to implement this feature? I’m not saying I’m responsible

    lol, as we said, it was directly in response to reader requests (yours and Seth’s).

  4. chason,

    I definitely understand that you have quite a different magnitude of subscribed blogs than I do, haha.

  5. I don’t want blog post notifications all up in my email business. All that stuff stays in Google Reader. I have a different tag for temporary subscriptions, like a subscription to the comments of a particular post. I wouldn’t want just all comments.

  6. You all are so weird LOL

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