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New Post, New Design

July 31, 2010


If you hadn’t noticed, Irresistible (Dis)Grace got a redesign…it was tough to kill the three-column design, because it forced me to get rid of a lot of stuff. But I think this is for the best. Some things are rearranged, but they still should be easy to find. For example, subscribe by RSS is now in the upper-right hand corner (where you can also find a link to my twitter account!) And, I don’t know if anyone cared, but the Irresistible Stats are at the bottom, along with all my blog memberships and awards. Oh yeah, and there’re another set of RSS feed subscriptions down there in my Meta widget.

In addition, I have a new post at Mormon Matters: Rules, Principles, Seeds & Shells, Part I. It’s some new thoughts on the seed/plant analogy of Alma 32, with comparison to traffic laws and…accounting standards? And next week, I’m going to try to take it even further.

…Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Let me know if either the new post or the new design is just too confusing.


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  1. Never saw your old design, but love your new one!

  2. I like your reviews and comments of bloggernacle posts. That’s a great idea. It helps me follow the topics of interest. Also, nobody can ban you from your own blog. :- )

  3. That’s ultimately my favorite thing about my blog, haha.

  4. I like this design better… I’m sure I’ll steal it at some point down the road, haha.

  5. Excellent! Imitation, flattery, etc.,

  6. Very tidy. Looks good.

  7. FireTag permalink

    So far, so good. The real test will come when you have one of your 100 comment, 8 nested levels of replies threads. 😀

    • If I ever have another 100-comment, 8-nested level thread, then I think I’ll be too ecstatic to try to do anything about that, lol

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