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Doubting my doubts

July 26, 2010

I probably should’ve mentioned this on Saturday, but I wrote another post at Mormon Matters. This one was a chance for meta navel-gazing…one of my best pastimes. A look at that phrase, “Doubt your doubts,” with a twist.

I guess, over the past few days, weeks, years, or who knows of these forays into the internet, I have kept running against everything and everyone telling me I should stop. I should just stop trying to blog, stop trying to comment, stop trying to post, stay over on my own site, stay over in my own (disaffected) corner, stop trying to be a party pooper, stop trying to break up the band.

I confront the idea every day. These ideas are alluring and compelling. I’ve doubted whether I have anything to say here. I’ve doubted whether I’m doing anything other than making a fool of myself in places I’m not totally wanted in (if wanted at all.)

…but perhaps because I’m obnoxious like that, I’ve doubted those doubts. I’ve doubted people who say (and even the part of me that says…) that I have to renounce what I want to do just because I’m not well-received, or just because I disagree, or just because I don’t seem to fit in.

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  1. Well, that never stopped me.

  2. but you’re an internet tough guy(TM) who actively jumps into hostile territory.

    • Well, that’s true. You’re not me.

      But if you’re lucky, you could smell like me.

  3. Call me hostile, but screw anybody who tries to tell ME what to do, say or think! The world is full of terrified idiots who’d like nothing more than to stifle genuine voices, about anything. Is blogging vain? Sure – I have two. But do we all have an audience? Yes, even an audience in the single digits. Say what you say, do what you do, and if you feel good while not harming others, your navel will take care of itself. Blog on!!

  4. Jen permalink

    Quit blogging and just write a book already! 🙂

  5. Seth, somehow I doubt you even smell like a virally popular shirtless black guy.

    Carolynn, good points, all around!

    Jen, haha, what a novel idea!

  6. Just shut up and believe already! Man, why do you have to think all the time? My world view is only so stable, like a Faberge egg, so stop it! 🙂

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