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Why you should support Andrew S for a mission!

July 14, 2010

Sometimes, I think I could use more spontaneity in my life. Currently, I’m on track to graduate in a school year and a half (the December after next), and then I already have a full-time job offer starting in January.

So, things seem set in stone. But I’ve been pondering doing other things. One thing I wanted to apply for was a post-graduate technical internship at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (or GASB). I think it would be pretty interesting working closely with accounting standards setters (even if it’s not quite the F ASB, but I hear they also have a post-graduate technical internship), and I think that it would give me some nice connections.

But how can I think about pushing my start date back another year? I don’t think my employer would be too happy about that…but then again, maybe they’d like someone who “knew” people in the GASB?

Anyway…this led to an intriguing twitter conversation.


Oh Scott B

The next message had hashtags, so I knew this was For Real.

Ogden North Mission

#hashtags make everything #legit

But really, I think Scott is jumping the gun. Before we start deciding on places, we need to figure out how I can even get to the MTC.

I suppose I could lie my way through the interview processes, right? I mean, as far as all of the big things — the things of orthopraxy — I’m spot on. I have the law of chastity, word of wisdom, etc., covered. There’s just this minor issue of my not believing in god or in the truthfulness of the church.

But why should that stop me from being able to experience the Best Two Years of a guy’s life?

I think I have a lot to offer for the church’s mission program. I can identify with those who don’t believe and…uhh…yeah.

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  1. Carson N permalink

    Sweetness. Then you can get in on all the ex-mo mission story-telling. That ought to guarantee this blog another few years of reflections on Mormonism.

  2. Totally do it.

    You can’t be worse than the missionary who was in my first area about a year before I transferred in.

    He made a marriage proposal to every female member of our Young Single Adults group before he was transferred out. Word had it he’d also punched every single mission companion he ever had.

  3. It reminds of a friend of mine in high school whose mother was a lapsed Catholic, he once said he’d like to be the first Atheist Pope. ‘Thinking of taking the Church in new direction’ I replied.

  4. Carson, of course, with 2 years away on a mission, I might come back and never blog here again.

    Seth…that’s quite…prolific in the proposing and the punching.

    Nate, if I could be the first atheist LDS prophet, I’d have quite a few revelations for the church’s direction too, haha.

  5. Yeah, not believing in God or the truthfulness of the church might be a stumbling block.

    Of course, there are also many, many other things you can do with those two years (18 months??). Education, work OR even helping people less fortunate.

  6. aerin, who would ever want to do something so mundane like helping the less fortunate? What a funny concept! Anyone can do that at any time.

    But a mission is only available for the righteous elect for a short period of mortality~

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