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I swear, Steve Evans reminds me of someone

June 24, 2010

I was musing over writing a butthurt and angry comment over something said in the latest zeitcast concerning the Banner of Heaven, but the wind was taken from my sail when I realized that crucial comments necessary to make it all fit are not available anymore (in a related note: if you can find a cached version of Nine-Moon’s “Nibletology” thread, posted January 24th of this year, with comments and all, I’d appreciate that).

I am not above being butthurt and angry, apparently. I am quickly devolving into a joke poster, a joke life. But a comment by Steve Evans, the wizard of By Common Consent, gave me pause.

The conversation about cool kids, etc. is just plain boring. It’s got nothing to do with coolness or anything similar. It’s about a group of friends that have known each other and interacted with each other for years. Of course people coming into things will feel some sense of being an outsider. Guess what — get over it. That’s sort of how society works in virtually all sectors of life. If you feel like you’ve been rejected by the cool kids club, gosh I’m sorry but it’s not like all of us started school at the same time and we used to be best friends in elementary and then puberty hit and we pretended not to know who you were in the cafeteria line. No. It’s as simple as being a newcomer in any old situation. If things bother you this much in a meaningless internet circumstance, I shudder to think what a real-world sense of exclusion would do.

This reminded me of a conversation…

Hi Mr. Evans,

I love the Bloggernacle (nice work) but when I try to engage, I don’t get any reception. I’ve talked with others and this seems to be a common issue. Any plans to fix this?


Just avoid blogging that way.

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Deal with it


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  1. “but the wind was taken from my sail when I realized that crucial comments necessary to make it all fit are not available anymore.”

    I think it is all there.

  2. I had a more particular mania.

    It causes me (even to this moment) to miss what you’re trying to say now.

  3. Now, I am confused. Explain what you mean and I will try to do the same.

  4. what I meant was that, in the nibletology thread (at least, I think it was there; could have been in a different site’s topic), at some point, I talked about how much of a statement it was that on the Mormon Archipelago, Mormon Matters is not a big island, nor an isle, nor an isle of the sea, but it is one of the “more isles and atolls.”

    Someone responded (don’t remember who) that I was overreacting, and that placement on MoArch is not any sort of statement.

    …but in the podcast, what we find is that when MoArch wanted to make a statement to T&S, they bumped them down a (couple of) pegs. or…isles?

    I wanted to find the direct comment and context to link to it, to juxtapose what people will say in one instance with another.

    • …everything else I’ve said is basically a way to avoid appearing stupid/misinformed by owning up to insanity first.

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