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Things I’d like to do eventually

June 13, 2010

When I look, my life is pretty decent. Everything is going according to keikaku*, and the plan is good. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel that having such a plan has restricted me in certain ways. (Actually, I understand that this is entirely the point. It was always part of “the plan” to just defer certain things off for a while. Plans limit scope so that projects don’t succumb to feature creep.)

So, this isn’t a crisis or anything. It’s not like I hate what I’m doing or studying. It’s not like I hate the direction I’m going in. I just get the sense that when I originally made plans for school, for a career, for a life, I may have erred in planning too conservatively. I think that is the problem — you really can’t plan for spontaneity.

(But I wouldn’t want that anyway. I dislike chaos.)

I guess it’s a good thing to just write out some things I’d like to do eventually, so I’ll do that.

  1. I’d like to write a novel. But not just any novel…a good one. I understand that a lot of novels are published and don’t sell well at all…and I understand that a lot of novels that aren’t all that good are published and somehow become bestsellers. But I’d like to publish something that is good, yet something that will be appreciated. I understand that in order to achieve this, I need to learn how to write better, to tell a better story, and so on. So, slowly, but surely, I’m working on that…
  2. I’d like to do some kind of social science research. When I was first thinking about what to do, I thought it would be psychology. Then when I took a sociology course, it was sociology. I took economics courses, and then fell in love with economics. As I’ve looked at various social sciences, I’ve just been intrigued by most of them. Part of why I developed a conservative plan in the first place is because I know that the life of a social scientist is not always glamorous (kinda like the life of most artists or most writers…).
  3. I’d like to do some kind of accounting research. When I first entered accounting, I had no idea what to expect. It was just part of the plan — a stable career with relatively stable prospects throughout any kind of economy. Since I didn’t know anything about it, I didn’t know if I’d like it or hate it. I heard plenty of trashtalk from plenty of people who hate it…who think it’s extremely boring…who think it’s a waste of potential, but as I studied it, I didn’t see that in my classes. (Nevertheless, I realize[d] that school can often be very different than the day-to-day job. How terrible would it be if I enjoyed my classes but not the actual jobs? [So now, I’m still thinking about what I thought about my internship.]) What I’ve realized…or…more precisely…sensed…is that accounting can be grounds for just as much of a social science as economics or sociology. But business schools, having no interest to teach the subject that way, hide all of that.
  4. I’d like to be some kind of teacher, but only in certain conditions. I’d like to teach writing, editing, or speaking, or something like that. (Not much of a fan of, say, the literature parts of English classes. Not much of a fan of, say, teaching poetry or whatever. But as far as writing essays or speeches, I think that’s fascinating.) The problem is I’d be a terrible teacher. I get pretty discouraged as it is when I’m explaining something one-on-one and I feel like I’m rambling (or I feel like the other person is bored), and I understand that in a classroom setting, most students — regardless of what I do or say — would be disengaged. Also, I’d be impatient. I’ve done some editing/reviewing of some of my friends’ essays…and for the most part, things aren’t bad. But reading through a terrible essay is absolutely painful for me. [Side note: since I rarely proofread my blog entries after I write them, I always feel bad about saying *anything* about editing or reviewing, because I’ve probably made an error in the very sentence. It’s like when someone says they know “alot” about “grammer”.]
  5. I’d like to coach an academic decathlon team. That was something I did for a couple of years in high school and enjoyed immensely, so I’d like to be involved with it in the future. But I’d be terrible at it for some of the same reasons I’d be terrible at teaching in general. I’d want students to care about learning and competing, but I don’t know how to make someone care about something they don’t already do. I don’t know how to push someone without them breaking or disengaging or quitting.

*Translator’s note: keikaku means plan


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  1. any ideas on what the novel might be about? No spoilers required, a genre maybe and a light teaser perhaps?

  2. I have a few ideas swirling around. When I was younger, I liked fantasy…but I think that was just because I liked creating superheros… Now, I like sci fi more…

    whatever the case, it wouldn’t be “hard.” Like, it wouldn’t be “hard” sci fi, or fantasy focused on the fantasy. It would be focused on the psychological and social effects of whatever technology or fantastic element exists.

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