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I decided to join the atheist blogroll

May 5, 2010

Over the past few days, I decided to do it. I submitted Irresistible (Dis)Grace for the Atheist Blogroll. So now, on my left-hand sidebar, along with my poll, my awesome Brodie award, and my Mormon Blogosphere button, you can see a link to the atheist blogroll. Sorry; wordpress users don’t get cool scrolling marquees…

The atheist blogroll, much like every blogroll, is about building community to related bloggers free of charge. In this case, the community of atheist and agnostic bloggers. If you want to join (I know my clientele, haha), visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

I guess I could say more about this.

In many ways, I was a bit wary to join something like this. The online atheist communist is a big place. (Obviously not too big, but still). There are a lot of viewpoints, a lot of backgrounds, and so forth. There are quite a few atheist ex-Mormons, I think…but in the bigger scheme of online atheism, I think we are a minority within a minority.

It is tragic. Not in the sense that it is a tragedy to have so few blogging ex-Mormon atheists…but rather in the sense that because of the differences in backgrounds, that’s yet another divide.

When all you share in common is a lack of belief in deities, this is a weak bond. Probably as “weak” as gravitational force. I think the histories of individuals say so much more…but of course, when those histories differ, there goes what could have been one potential area for commonality.

In the end, I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Nevertheless, I still can’t shake a feeling that a regular atheist blogroll is too “vanilla”.


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  1. Good for you! My traffic doubled after I joined.

  2. Joining a large, impersonal community…

    That is just such a “Mormon” thing to do, Andrew.

  3. I know, right, Seth?

    I was just commenting on what you had said in the podcast about “loyalty” in the church too…

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