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We might be superheroes but for that one thing…

May 3, 2010

Caryatid who has fallen under weight of her stone I don’t know anything about superheroes or superhero lore. So, what I am about to say will probably sound like absolutely incorrect blasphemy to anyone who knows anything about superheroes.


What I know of him is that he’s from another planet. A planet where people aren’t really all that super. Why? Because conveniently enough, his home planet gets its energy from a red star. And red stars just don’t do it for Kryptonians.

But of course, Krypton doesn’t last for long. And so Superman is jettisoned to Earth in a last ditch attempt to save him. Or something like that. And the thing about earth is that our sun isn’t a red star. Nope. It’s bright and yellow. Which is apparently bad for Green Lantern whose weakness is the color yellow (which is the lamest weakness ever, BTW), but which is great for Kryptonians like Superman who…somehow…gain awesome power from yellow solar rays.

Of course, Superman can be brought down to his knees with a little rock. Kryptonite. But all else considering, he’s pretty amazing.

What does that have to do with anything?

When I hear the stories of members of various minority groups..or from members of marginalized groups…ex-Mormons, gays, gay ex-Mormons, atheists, black people, and so on…not to be self-congratuatory or anything, but I just feel like we are doing relatively well for the immense adversity we face. Heck, even faithful Mormons aren’t out of the woods, seeing as they are nowhere near being “majority” status in most places.

This is not to say that non-minorities don’t face adversity. However, I think many people take for granted not having crucial parts of themselves (whether genetically, through upbringing, or culture) challenged or misunderstood every day.

I know that some people say many ex-Mormons are angry, and should just get over themselves, or whatever their deal is, or get over the church or whatever. Yet, when I hear some people’s stories, I am amazed that the only thing they are is angry. I am amazed that they still persevere and try to make the best of their situations. I am amazed that they do.

…nevertheless, I am always aware of those caryatids who have fallen under weight of their stones. I see people trying to speak about the condition of minorities (of all stripes), and the defects and faults that they see in our communities — whatever and wherever they may be — trying to evaluate why such faults exist. They come up with the most superficial reasons…because they really don’t know a thing other than the surface that they see.

I’ve gotten a much lighter load in comparison to many of the people whose stories I read. But I realize that there are other places where I cannot help but feel like~

~I wonder…if we were born and raised under yellow stars, would we be superheroes?

…But I am confronted with a different thought in response. I feel like if I didn’t have such experiences thrust upon me, I wouldn’t be half the person I am. So, do I have neuroses? I’m not going to lie and say I don’t. But somehow, I don’t think it’s quite so easy as to say that if caryatids didn’t carry stones, they would be more powerful and resilient.


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