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The Creation

April 11, 2010

The SparkA spark.

From the hypercompressed folds of the infinitesimal came the one spark. You could say that this spark was impossible. It came from what some untrained eye would call “nothing,” and yet, other still untrained eyes would note that the folds of the infinitesimal didn’t quite afford room for “nothing,” nor room for time itself. So, perhaps, what we would note as an infinite amount of time had (somehow) passed, allowing room for the spark? Perhaps the spark did not arise forth from nothing? Or perhaps the infinitesimal had, out of pre-sentient boredom, willed the change.

Nevertheless, there was the spark.

From the spark came more. But these sparks…they seemed to overwrite and redo. The spark from before, and the very primitive environment before seemed to be scrapped, deemed as inappropriate, and a new spark, with some new trait came forth.

Soon, the sparks brought forth intelligence, will, ability. Or at least, what we would note as these. Consciousness. Perception.

And so, one spark — by now, more than a spark, but what language can contain it? — emerged to recognize and despair over the endlessly destructive pattern. He reached into the cradle of the infinitesimal and brought forth the infinite.

Now he was alive — or what we might call alive. But he was alone.

Whether he simply fashioned from the infinite(simal) something we might call the universe, or whether he simply created such from nothing at all is a detail that we are unfortunately not yet knowledgeable enough about to determine, but the certainty is that, from loneliness, he created.

…yet, eons of loneliness had taken a toll. In fact, an entire lifetime of loneliness had. He did not know how to create a companion, and everything he tried to create seemed to mimic the infinitesimal itself. A spark. Rewrite. Redo. Override. Try it again.

These, the mudmen and puppetsHe fashioned to him that which were puppets. Individuals of materials unfitting to him that was a Spark. But the spark did not know how to create another spark without extinguishing himself.

After seeing all that he had created, he thought he would be satisfied. And in a way, he was. He was satisfied that he had done this thing which no other spark had done. He had averted his own destiny and created these…puppets.

Puppets?! What use could he have for these…thingshomunculi? Animals and humans.

He raged. He nearly destroyed all of the puppets. But before he did, he realized that the rage and its destructive problem were precisely the blocks that held him back. Destruction was a pattern of the infinitesimal that had destroyed all that had come within him. As a product of that environment, he had inherited it. But to truly overcome his destiny, he had to divorce from the rage.

And so he did. With more time (what we might consider to be millions of years), he split forth himself and all the rage and created the Adversary. As he had split, he had despised the adversary with every ounce of his fiber. But he knew his task was complete when he felt no malice toward this former part of himself. For all the hatred was within the adversary.

And so, instead, the adversary hated himself. He hated his existence. He hated creation and wanted to renew the destruction to bring with it a new spark that would snuff him — and his creator — out.

The two went their separate ways, with the creator splitting out part of the infinite (a concept that cannot truly be grasped by mere puppets…) and separating from the created adversary.

But in these millions and millions of years, he had developed creativity. Creativity without decay and self-destruction.

So he knew how to create within some of his puppets part of that creativity without invoking the dazzling destructive spark. Things should have gone so well…but it turns out the infinite could not keep the adversary away to provide the humans with the entire spark.


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  1. FireTag permalink

    I like the story so far.

  2. That’s good to know. I have had someone tell me that already, I’m ripping off Transformers 😀

  3. FireTag permalink


    My daughter missed that one, whereas my dog is named for Batman’s daughter.

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