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Mormon Expression and ME!

April 6, 2010

Porn: It will blast a crater in your brain

General Conference: Srs bsns from men (and women) of God.

So, this General Conference, I watched all the regular sessions (no priesthood, no relief society). I think it was actually the first time I’ve watched all the regular sessions as they happened (in the past, I have read the transcripts whenever they’ve come out — what can I say? I read more quickly than I listen) or I’ve watched conference in a staggered way (yay for DVR!)…and probably, most common of all, I’ve just skipped watching conference completely.

But isn’t it ironic. I stop attending, and start listening to Conference more diligently.

…there was a reason why I put Conference into my schedule this year, though. Of course, I plan on going through some of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) talks later on site — like Pres. Uchtdorf’s excellent talk — but I’ll get to that when the transcripts come out.

But other than that, I streamed conference online so that I could be prepared for the Mormon Expression podcast covering the conference. I am in the final session — the Sunday Afternoon session, so if you check out episode 50b and listen through to the second part, I am there.

I guess I will say that I should’ve listened to advice to get a dedicated headset. My laptop has a mic, but I still sounded pretty fuzzy and terribad during the podcast. Hopefully, you won’t hold that one against me.

If you’re also interested, you should know that Jack was in the Saturday morning session.

You may be wondering…where’s my recap? Especially since on Jack’s blog, she has a recap of some of the talks she covered.

Well…as I said, I’m not going to get in detail with my evaluations until the transcripts come out…so if you want to hear my thoughts so far, you’ll have to check out the Mormon Expression podcast. As you should.


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  1. I love reading this site on and off. It is my way of peering into the head of an ex-Mormon. It is funny how all of us Ex-folks, still carry much of what we left behind and he colors our world deeply.

    I left behind fundamentalist Protestantism and certain forms of Buddhism, so I have a dual mix of Ex-Faiths.

    Your posts help me to taste a world I will never know. Thanks.

  2. coolness

  3. Hey – I appreciate your honesty and the struggle you must have felt as a mormon that didn’t “get it” – like most of the people around you seemed to. I guess we’re all mostly just trying to do the best we can. I came from a strong Baptist background, felt dissuaded about some things, had lots of concerns, felt lost and alone for a long time. Now, I’m making a go of it in the Mormon Church. I feel like I don’t “get it” a lot of the time. I haven’t been to the temple – and might never be “ready”. It’s tough, and there are a lot of things I’m really unsure about. But I do have faith in God, and even the atonement (to a slightly lesser degree). I think that if there is a God – he has to be just and fair -or He isn’t God. That means that if I give it my best shot, and if Jesus really will stand in for me in my shortcomings like I hope He will, then I’ll be okay. I realize that this is weak intellectually – but I’m not even trying too hard to actually understand or communicate intellectually anymore. If any of it’s true, it’s sooo far over my head that trying to explain it would be like trying to explain New York City to a gold fish. I’m not mystical – but I know there’s a lot more out there than I know about or could even understand. So I just try to follow my conscience (which is, by the way the best personal indicator to me of the possibility/likelihood of the existence of God). I think about things as they present themselves in my life and I hope. I try to be a better person, because I hope it will make a difference. In this way faith almost becomes a moral choice for me – because the consequences of that faith- choice are overall, better for me, my family, and I think most of the people I come in contact with. It doesn’t make it true, but it seems to make it the right thing to do, in a way. But, I stay honest about it too, and am careful not to exaggerate any faith I do have. Whatever, I’ve probably rambled too long already. Thanks for reading this – if you made it to the end. 🙂 I like straightfoward people (as you seem to be) and it’s nice to talk to people who care about these things. Have a great day!

  4. Recent Developments,

    Thanks for stopping by and giving a comment. I’ll have to check out your blog some time when I have more free time available.

    If I could give a piece of advice, I would say that there are many places, perhaps, where it may be ok to not “get it.” After all, aren’t we supposed to be learning and progressing? If we got it all, then there’d be nowhere to go.

    However, what’s important is that you’re getting — and resonating — with core concepts. E.g., since you say you do believe in God, that’s already a step there. But then you’re going to want to say: does the LDS concept of salvation resonate with you? Does LDS doctrine and theology make sense? If so, then stick with it! I see people for whom the church is a great thing, and think that they should continue to get great things from it.

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