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Tarot Randomizer Challenge: Day V

March 21, 2010

I’m pretty late into this game, but for the past week, John Remy at Mind on Fire has been having a creative group experiment based on tarot cards drawn. I decided to do an entry because I have some time today, being so sick and bedridden. And oh, what should today’s entry be other than the Nine of Swords?

The Nine of Swords

How could I ever have felt well before? What is wellness? All I know is that this is agony.

What could I have done to deserve this? And they say some microbe causes this? Oh, how can that be? How can I be brought down so far because of mere germs?

What is joy? What is happiness? I feel like I once felt these things in another life, but I couldn’t tell you the first thing about them now. I can’t believe that they even exist, even though I know that just a few days ago, I was fine, well, and happy. I just know that every part of my body aches, burns, and chills, all at once. And I can’t imagine anything ever being any different. Why is this room so cold? Why won’t my blankets envelop me in a fire that will purge everything from me?

I need to be well for tomorrow. Everything hinges on my performance, but how can I do my best when I am at the mercy of my immune system. If I fail because of a common cold, what will happen to me?


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  1. Oh, Andrew…I hope you are well as you read this comment. Good luck today…I do hope this finds you WELL.

    (how do you get your posts in your emails like that? I find that to be very cool.)

  2. Emily, thanks. I’m feeling a bit better today. Not as well as I’d like to feel, but well enough to go to work and not do anything terrible.

    As for subscription by email…there are two things I did…For wordpress, if you go to Settings -> Discussion. There is an option “Subscribe to Blog” that allows commenters to subscribe to blog posts by email whenever they comment.

    What I did additionally was I went to Appearance -> Widgets and added the Blog Subscriptions one. So that’s why I have an email subscription option up in the left column.

  3. FireTag permalink


    I hope there were no serious consequences to your illness.

  4. FireTag,

    Fortunately, seems like this was just a really bad cold and not anything worse.

    Sure felt like the end of the world for a day there though.

    • FireTag permalink

      Good, because I’ve got this end-of-the-world thing patented. 😀

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