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It’s all Greek to me…

December 30, 2009

Every once in a while, I’ll get into a conversation that I sense is just entirely above my head. It’s like there’s a certain “level” of every field — but it’s especially true for philosophy, sociology, gender studies, ethnic studies, and other things like these — that is so far and away that I can’t even find a way to relate it to reality. So when I read about some term I don’t understand — in an attempt to try to make sense of it with context — what I actually find is that this term doesn’t seem to apply to the world I know and live in…but instead to some crazy bizarro world.

So, I wonder, “Am I stupid?” Do these things come so easily to others and simply escape me?

It’s pretty infuriating, I guess. But I guess I do the same thing sometimes…


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  1. Thats how I feel whenever I read the vast majority of posts on FireTag’s blog.

    Its all good.

  2. Dude, you’re moderating me now? What did I ever do to you?!?

  3. I dunno what is going on with my filter. WordPress has been doing weird things for a while now. It mod’d Jack the other day.

    But yeah, FireTag’s blog makes me feel like this too…but I just chalk it up to, “I’m not a science person.” I guess you can’t do that, hahah.

    • Well, I can say in all honesty that I’m not an astrophysicist 😉

    • FireTag permalink

      Me? Can I help it if the world is wierd?

      Now, what Bridgett Jack said a couple of threads ago comparing Mormon theology to various evangelical doctrines WAS all Greek to me. How is it exactly that the whoseit is different than the whatsit and should I be concerned?

      • Yeah, when Jack first said “soteriology,” I could only think: “wat”…but then I started figuring it out.

      • Do you guys want me to go back to that thread and break the comment down for you?

        It’s really only something to be concerned about if you care how Mormonism compares to other Christianities.

      • well, *I* figured it out after a while. All I’m saying is…it was like a puzzle.

      • FireTag permalink

        Please do. I didn’t understand half the terms that were supposed to be about Mormonism. 😀

      • Alright, here it is.

  4. I don’t have this problem so much with the disciplines you listed, but definitely high-level math, stats, and science papers have this effect on me. I just end up feeling utterly bewildered.

  5. Well, Chris, that’s because you’re one of them with your published research papers 🙂

    High level math, stats, and science papers also have that effect on me.


  6. Do you have it set to “first comment requires approval” Andrew? Because I’m pretty sure it sent my comment to moderation when I changed my handle because it decided “Ms. Jack Meyers” was a different person from “Bridget Jack Meyers.” I’ve had to ask several blog administrators to take my comments out of moderation since changing my name.

    @ the topic ~ I am so not a science person. I failed chemistry in high school—more because I was slacking off and not trying than because I couldn’t pass it—but the fact that it was a subject that actually required significant effort from me didn’t help. At BYU, I had to do Physical Science 100 and Biology 100 for General Education requirements, and I hated them both (in spite of having an incredibly cool teacher in the latter). Part of the reason I’m an agnostic on Christian protology is because I find it so hard to keep up with all the scientific arguments that go into creation/evolution debates.

    I’m also pretty weak on philosophy. I feel like I could improve significantly in this area, but most of the people who want to discuss philosophy on blogs aren’t very gentle with amateurs, and I’ve grown tired of trying to enter conversations only to be told again and again how stupid traditional Christian theology is. So I’ve sort of given up on discussing philosophy and a lot of theology.

    Greek isn’t Greek to me though. 😛 Memorizing the grammatical rules and vocabularies of other languages comes quite easily for me.

  7. Jack,

    Yeah, I do have it set to that, but I would imagine that it would also check for similar email, etc., I dunno.

    I actually was pretty good at AP chemistry in HS, so I don’t know what would happen if I tried to take some more classes in college. I didn’t like biology all that much, and I hated physics so much that I dropped the class after 2 weeks.

    I agree: bloggers generally aren’t nice re: philosophy.

    Hmm…never thought about the actual aspect of learning language though…hmm.

  8. Well, you schooled me pretty well on the difference between “subjective” and “objective,” so I sure hope you’re not stupid, because what would that make me? 😀

  9. but kuri, you counter-schooled me on the definition of “rational.”

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