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Because Seth R will not write on his own blog

December 28, 2009

I’ve had this post boiling for a while. Reading over it now, it was a lot snarkier the first time around. Ah, how much I’ve changed in a year…But enough about me. Really, it seems that Seth R posts around lots of places on the internet. Except for his own site.

No problem, no problem. But way back when, when I was still green, I realized quickly that it seemed like I was frequently trashing (or, at the very least, disagreeing with) Seth without ever agreeing with him. After all, I think that some of his positions, although not necessarily disagreeable, are uncompromising (like the simple and succinct summation of the Single situation…) At other times, it seems like we can be at ends anonymously, like throughout this hilarious mishap. (He gets around the blogosphere, I guess. Notice: instead of writing about this escapade on his own blog, he writes about it on a different blog!)

But that isn’t the whole story. It’s not like everything he says turns on a supermagnet between my face and my palm. I just saw (OK, this REALLY dates this post, you know) this comment over at Windy Sydney:

My biggest beef with the whole Prop 8 push was that it would serve as a distraction from the normal business of serving people in the LDS Church structure.

Kind of like how abortion and the “war on Christmas” serve as a distraction from more serious societal problems at large.

I was worried that my fellow Mormons would go on a Prop 8 “field trip,” man some phone lines, hand out flyers, and then feel like they’d met their “righteousness quota” for the year – even if they were neglecting the real needs of people in their wards.

I always feel like this when a dramatic flashy issue sweeps through the membership.

It was at this time when I thought, like I think quite a few times: “I’d like to subscribe to that guy’s newsletter!” This isn’t a comment that is necessarily disagreeable…I mean, if I try to think about where disagreement comes up, it might be in whether people believe the “normal business” is focused enough on “serving people” or whether “serving people” can be done in a different manner with different end goals…but then we’re just splitting hairs.

But subscribing to the Nine Moons newsletter would be completely ineffective, because they only post once in nine moons, it seems. C’mon guys! There are like 11 of you for 1 of me*

*ignore that i have no life whereas these other guys and girls have jobs, lives, and families :3

But in the past weeks, I’ve realized that Seth isn’t a total no-show! Rather, he is obviously on the run from the police, and so he cannot have his comments directed at one permanent location (because then they’d find him or something).

So, instead, he has sprinkled words of harsh wisdom all across the internet. Adam F gave me the brilliant idea to make a separate page just for the “Best of Seth.” If you read these comments, I hope you’ll see why.

1) Seth’s relationship with Mormonism

2) “I’m not after being happy. I’m after exaltation.

3) 19th century history lesson

4) Taking General Authorities off the pedestal and turning them into peers

5) Injustice was everywhere…what kind of church was this? God’s church, apparently.

6) This is why liberal Mormonism isn’t going to succeed. It provides nothing to follow.

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  1. Hahahaha, thanks for the stack of Seth R reading I now have… Maybe someday you could even make one of those daily calendars…

  2. I think all of this positive attention goes to Seth’s head. I think we need a “worst of Seth R.” post.

  3. measure76 permalink

    Hah!. Glad I found this post. Seth R was one of my most consistent critics when my blog was active. Good times…

  4. I’m truly touched Andrew.

    We all know there is nothing a blogger likes more than reading his own stuff.

    Shall I take this as a late Christmas present?

  5. or an early new year’s gift.

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