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Happy Birthday, Irresistible (Dis)Grace!

November 7, 2009

Birthday cake

One year ago today, I got this crazy idea…what if I could start a blog about my thoughts of being a Mormon, but of not being a Mormon…my lack of understanding of my culture and heritage, but my forced and ingrained living of my culture and heritage. I wondered if I could meet a different kind of believer than the ones in my ward (no offense to them), and I wondered if I could meet a different kind of nonbelievers than the ones in the…well, I don’t know what non-believer wards are (but I mean no offense to them either.)

And so, I started Irresistible (Dis)Grace. I didn’t really know what I was doing, how far I’d get, or how long I’d even last (after all, this blog had a specific niche, and I thought I would run out of “topics”).

Well, apparently, if nothing else, at least I reached the 1 year mark!

What has one year even gotten me? Well, for one, 38,051 page views. 318 posts. 2,569 comments. Connection with a wide range of Mormons (of all stripes), ex-Mormons (of all stripes), and never-Mormons (of all stripes). More confidence and nuance to some aspects of my personality philosophy, but also more humility for other aspects.

How have I been doing? It’s always tough to tell…What have been your favorite parts or articles, least favorite parts, and so on? How should I improve for year 2? What things would you like to see? Be creative…I can’t guarantee anything, but who knows?

I must admit that I worry…I think I have a good niche…but it’s definitely a niche. Sometimes, I think, “Isn’t expansion the goal?” But then I realize that I’m not really in this for expansion, per se. I just don’t want to face the possible reality that there’s a wall three inches in front of me that I’ll hit and won’t be able to scale…


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  1. I’m sad I didn’t know about this blog until recently, but had I known about it a year ago I would, of course, have considered it dangerous (hehe). I appreciate your writing because it belongs to the niche I consider as “self-aware, respectful dissenters.” I’m glad there’s such a niche. Its existence has helped me to feel less alone.

  2. I posted a sexy picture of myself at my one-year anniversary.

    What have you got?

    Happy anniversary, Andrew.

  3. Simplysarah:

    That’s actually interesting…because that really speaks to the amount that has changed for you in the past year (what is or is not dangerous).

    I agree that being able to discover blogs like yours too has helped me feel less alone.


    Ahh, you called me out! So many places I can’t compete. COULDN’T YOU HAVE JUST BEEN SATISFIED WITH TAKING THE NIBLET FROM ME?!

  4. FireTag permalink

    Any sexy pictures of me predate the internet, so I won’t be going there.

    Andrew: I am amazed at the ability you have to produce 318 posts in a year, and you do fill a niche that is going to continue to exist.

    Happy Anniversary!


  5. FireTag:

    The reason I can do this 318 posts/year is really quite simple. My posts are very simple, devoid of any heavy lifting content.

    Now, you know who I don’t understand? Ardis Parshall at She does SERIOUS WORK to get the history right for every one of her posts, yet she sometimes has *multiple* posts each day. Wow.

  6. Ardis baffles me, too.

    I want a piece of that cake.

  7. Yeah, I agree with C Smith – that cake looks nummy. Did you bake it?

    Happy anniversary, Andrew!

  8. Madam Curie:

    I guarantee the cake would look decidedly less awesome if I had baked it. Haha.

  9. Happy blog birthday, ID.

  10. Nice work. I’ve been blogging for well over 2 years now and have less than 200 posts. Keep it up!

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