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Life is when we do it

November 2, 2009

I guess this is a “sequel” to the post: Value cultivation in a world without magic.

I was thinking about how to improve…how to get better…how to do more…

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just pray? We could just spend twenty minutes…or an hour…or three hours…meditating and praying…secluded from the rest of the day…and that would be it to “center” and “focus” and we’d be able to take on the rest of the day?

It would be cool. That would be magical.

But what I’ve realized is that things don’t work like this. This is a shortcut. This is an unrealistic expectation.

When do we improve? When do we get better? When do we do more?

Life is when we do it. Every day. In public. On the spot. We have 3 seconds — or even less — from the time someone angers us to decide whether we will escalate in anger or whether we will count to three and walk away. We can’t meditate at the beginning of the day and then be “buffered” from what comes up on the spot. We have to be vigilant at the moment of impact.Heh. I have remarked that I’ve been messing up pretty badly recently. Just not treating people properly. But I don’t think all is lost…for example, always, I feel I must somehow right things. Heck, I even feel bad after practical jokes. I have to ruin it and tell the person before they freak out.

But even with this, I feel I have to work on. Because I do not apologize.

I will rectify a situation. I will try to make things up. I will give back what was taken, fix what was broken…but “I’m sorry”…those are some tough words to say. I always would just rather wait it out…let everyone forget it…pretend it never happened.

But I know we cannot pretend it never happened. Things aren’t forgotten, even when people say they’ve forgotten.

Well…that was a real sidestep from the topic at hand…

I guess this will just be a short one.


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