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Changes to the blog, August 13

August 13, 2009


So, while I have a few ideas for posts brewing…I’m lazy and do not want to do research and analysis and all that stuff.

So instead, I did a few other things. I’ve recently added a couple sections — the “My Other Articles” section posts some of my favorite articles from the other places I blog at (Mormon Matters and Main Street Plaza.) And Classics of (Dis)Grace highlight some of the blog posts from the early months that you may not have seen.

And there’s a new “monthly” poll.

Also, I hope you like the colors. This isn’t really all that new any more, but I thought of the idea from Faith Promoting Rumor. Their site is just amazingly beautiful. Another site I think is amazingly beautiful is lds revelations. But I don’t have fancy logo-making capabilities.


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  1. I need to re-do links on my site. I wish I had someone else to pack my apartment for me.

  2. You should have publicized a Mormon vs. Evangelical move-out contest. See which group can assist a moving family more robustly…Sometimes, Mormons can be sluggish to help families in the ward move in or out. BUT when there’s a competition, everyone wants in.

  3. In humorous news, see my latest post. Apparently the missionaries for my husband’s ward in Illinois will be living “right behind” us…

    Let’s see how long we can go without mentioning that I’m a filthy Gentile.

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