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If someone insinuates your husband is polygamous…

July 7, 2009

If someone insinuates that your husband is polygamous, when you really believe in abstinence and committed  monogamy, how should you respond? I like the way Dave responds:

I’m afraid that in the 21st century, a good offense (in politics and religion) is the best defense. So maybe as a reply you should ask your colleague (and you can switch genders as needed): “So, how many gals did you husband sleep with before you married him? How many is he sleeping with now?” I mean, if they’re going to get personal about your moral commitments, get personal about theirs. You get uptight for a commitment to abstinence and monogamy, maybe you should let them get a little uptight about hooking up and sleeping around. Or if they, in fact, secretly think abstinence and monogamy aren’t such a bad idea, make them confess publicly. You’ll feel better.

To be honest, I didn’t know Dave had such comments in ‘im.


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  1. I guess life is just full of surprises.

  2. Indeed.

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