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Irresistible (Dis)Grace in Mormon Matters 2008 Niblets

July 6, 2009

I’d like to thank the academy, first of all. I started blogging at Irresistible (Dis)Grace in November of 2008…and that, quite frankly, is rather late in the game. I quickly got traffic though, and I’ve been more regular with this one than my last.

I never would’ve imagined being able to be nominated for the Mormon Matters 2008 Niblets, however.

And yet, here I am. To be honest, I think in many ways I’m an underdog, but in many other ways, I’m not the underdog (just an underdog).

So, let’s look over where I’ve been nominated…and then you, gentle readers, can mosey on down to Mormon Matters and see if I deserve any (or all) of these nominations…feel free to read the rest of the nominations too. Of course, there’s not too much hurry, since voting is until July 15.

My categories?

  • Irresistible (Dis)Grace for Best New Blog (e.g., new as of 2008)
  • Andrew S for Best Overall Blogger
  • Andrew S’s “Why Mitt Romney got Romney’d in the Election” for Best MITT ROMNEY Post
  • Andrew from Irresistible (Dis)Grace for Nicest “Evil Villain”/Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Now, this is close, because there are friends of Irr(Dis)G also in the running, some of the times for the same spots. So  perhaps, for Nicest “Evil Villain” you might feel compelled to vote for chanson from Letters from a broad… (and Main Street Plaza)…or perhaps Christopher Smith from Mild-mannered Musings (by works such as THIS you can know he’s playing both sides of the fence, like an evil villain!) Or, also not a poor choice would be Bridget Jack Meyers at ClobberBlog…who also has aligned herself with LDS and Evangelical Conversations AND who has infiltrated Times and Seasons (and has gotten a great endorsement from ex-T&Ser Adam Greenwood for being such a good Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing). So I mean, I understand that what should’ve been an easy category is filled with other nominees as qualified (or moreso) than I…and so I understand if you want to vote for one of my fellow competitors…just remember I have 3 other nominations!

And since everyone is furiously tweeting vote suggestions, I’ll be more classy and just post my suggestions. Best Big Blog? I’m biased, but go with Mormon Matters. In many ways, we’re also a new wonder (started as a solo-ish blog in conjunction with Mormon Stories just in 2007! whereas the others big Blogs started much earlier), and yet within a  few years, we’ve gotten up to no. 3.

For Best Group Blog? This is a tough one…I like New Cool Thang, Mormon Metaphysics, Faith Promoting Rumor, and Zelophehad’s Daughters. So I can’t decisively say go one or the other.

Best Solo Blog? My Religious Blog is consistently hilarious, but Keepapitchinin is remarkable for its ability to seem like a group blog (and post more frequently than some of the group blogs COUGH 9Moons COUGH), but it’s actually all a one-woman show. Life on Gold Plates is a meticulous work each time BHodges posts.

For Best New Blog? Also have friends here, if you don’t want to vote for me. Both Mormon Heretic and Faithful Dissident.

Best Blog Layout/Graphics? Gotta go with Nine Moons’ rotating graphic. Sometimes I like to go there and just press refresh…

I can’t really say much about commenters other than to say that Hawkgrrrl and Ray have been consistently “cool” people. In particularly, I have only seen one issue that gets Ray heated (some of the points of Calvinism)…and in the midst of sockpuppets, trolls, and disingenuous commenters, he always keeps cool.

For best comment, I’d just read them all and then vote for the one I liked best.

Same with Best humorous post…although I think that April Fool’s jokes that deal with site design…like M*’s spoof of FMH, are genius. (Unfortunately, the link doesn’t show it anymore, and you get M*’s regular design…:/)

I am pooped. I think the fact that you can vote at different times makes things a little better, so I don’t need to say the whole gamut now.


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  1. I voted for you and your blog bro.

  2. i nominated and voted for NCT too! (don’t tell Mormon Metaphysics, because I nominated but didn’t vote for them >_>)

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