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I am being trolled by a blog

June 14, 2009

So, today, moseyed over to By Common Consent. They had an interesting discussion: “Why I’m not an atheist.” And I mean, there are lots of reasons people could talk about not being atheist, but Kevin, I think, picked a rather tame issue…I mean, death? That’s not much to sweat over.

I was going to comment on it, and I did. Yet, when I commented, I noticed that next to my comment, it said:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

What a strange occurrence…I didn’t recall that BCC had comment moderation…and you know, I know that a lot of sites have mandatory comment moderation…so I don’t feel bad about those sites because I know that it just takes a while for the blogger to get to moderating. This blog, believe it or not, has moderation for all new commenters (or people with too many links in posts)

Regardless, I don’t have time to try to moderate everything, so if I approve one of your comments, generally, my system will let future comments through, unless I put you on some kind of list.

So…in the two hours since I sent my comment (this is sad and a sign that I need to get off the internet — all of this happens in a two hour span of time!) I’m wondering…what could be going on.

When I post comments, I like to sign up for replies. I think blogs that don’t allow comment subscription…should work on that (if my blog doesn’t allow for it, then I need to know — because I’m pretty sure wordpress allows it).

So, I keep getting emails from others whose comments are going through. And it makes me wonder if things are just taking time.

But how did I get into this conundrum? I had heard BCC had a robust comment moderation policy…I think they view their site like a bonsai garden — prune things so that the conversation doesn’t get too wild. I guess I’m thankful MM is generally not like that. But I had never really believed it. And then I got to thinking…perhaps I have made some comments that got close to the line (or even crossed it) on some recent posts.

So, in two hours, the paranoia and conspiratorial thinking began to churn. And the best/worst part is…BCC is doing nothing! It’s not like they are purposefully doing anything other than taking sweet time to moderate. It could completely not be malicious or purposeful at all, but as the gears turn in my head, the worst comes to mind.

I think the worst part is that there’s no closure. If you know you’re banned/suspended, then you deal with that. But in a void…woah. There is no way to orient.

I find myself turning back to my escapades in the accounting world. When I first started…I had no idea about the different firms. Eventually, I got a whiff of some firms, and I thought I really liked one…and throughout recruiting, I thought surely they would be the one. Yet, through recruiting, I found some things that seemed more distastful to me, and eventually, another firm (actually, two) caught my eye. They didn’t seem as “in the forefront” as the first, although at least one was a Big 4 like the first, so it was theoretically just as competitive as the first firm. In the end, I felt disaffected from the first Big 4 firm and I felt more at ease with the second…and it actually came to a point where the first Big 4 firm ceased to be an option (a swift and quick rejection from them ended it) and I was duking it out between a second Big 4 and a middle market firm that was larger than regional, but probably only nominally international.

Sorry, this is a really cryptic story. I remember coming on the Bloggernacle scene once upon a time. I think I saw T&S first, but I just didn’t like them (no offense, really!). I can think of the Big 4 firm I think they represent (especially with some of the downsizing they have had), but I’m not naming names. When I saw BCC, I thought that was the one, so I think they represent the first Big 4 firm. But over time, Mormon Matters caught my eye too and also Main Street Plaza and they both had extended offers to blog — another Big 4 and a Mid Market (which makes me wonder: how does Feminist Mormon Housewives compare as the fourth Big 4?). I was flattered. I really haven’t lived up to expectations at either site, and so maybe that’s why I still cling to Irresistible (Dis)Grace?

But I’m still rambling. Isn’t it funny how things can turn out so differently than we had imagined. I once aspired to work with one firm…and I can’t say I aspired to write for BCC (I thought it was inaccessible — I really didn’t think someone could just get into an established blog like BCC, T&S, or MM…which is really why I was flattered)…I thought they were the one.

And just as in the end, I got r-r-rejected from one firm (and at the very end too…I mean, I could’ve avoided an office visit and everything if they had told me earlier!)…I may be regarded merely as a troll to be moderated by a blog.

This is really pathetic. I just wrote 880 words about this.

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  1. It’s Sunday, Mr. Atheist. The Mo’ bloggers are busy reading intellectual books in Sacrament meeting instead of paying attention to the sucky speakers.

    I e-mailed Kevin Barney to see if he could rescue your comment. I’m sure he’ll come through.

    I made a comment at T&S a few days ago which got sucked into the moderation queue, and it’s still there. I can still comment there normally, so I know I wasn’t set to perma-moderation. I don’t think these big Mo’ bloggers check their queues very often.

  2. no, it’s ok, I don’t need an email. Kevin has already replied once to the same topic since The Commenting.

  3. Too late! You will take your rescue e-mail and you will like it.

  4. then I cordially thank you for the rescue email.

    And sit in smug satisfaction as we are at T + 5 hours away from The Commenting.

  5. you win this match, Jack. Paranoia partially defused.

  6. Nothing wrong with a little paranoia.

  7. UPDATE: Yes, I’ve definitely been put specially on a moderation list.

    If i sign out of wordpress and post…OMG NO MODERATION

  8. I promise never to censor you if you comment on my blog.

    Although it seems I might get more publicity if I did. 😉

  9. i feel 3rd degree burns rapidly spreading over my body :p

  10. No idea why your posts don’t always show up. Typically we’d put you in a mod queue based on IP address, so your logging in and out of WordPress would make no difference. And it’s unlikely that we would put you in the queue without letting you know (typically, via a snarky comment). In any event, I see that you did not attempt to contact the blog administrator, via the email address clearly indicated on the ‘about’ page — why didn’t you try that route first, rather than write 880 words about it on your blog?

  11. I can guess why. I know I’m not spotless; I had some charged comments in an earlier post by Kyle M and even I knew I was nearing a line (and of course, Scott B and Margaret also informed me of “increasingly aggressive tones”). So, it’s not like it came from nowhere.

    But the interesting thing was I was able to continue posting in that topic with no issue, but it was only after that incident that I had the curious auto-mod (that, regardless of the way you actually do things, it is specifically operating based either on wordpress account or on email address…because I do not use a different IP address).

    Why didn’t I email? It’s because I am not concerned about whether I’m on a mod queue or not, which is why I didn’t want Jack to send any emails for me and which is why I also didn’t send any emails. The 880 words are not about being on moderation or not…it’s my internal struggle, because I thought BCC was a different place than it really was, but I was always wrong. It’s not BCC’s problem so an email to BCC fixes nothing. It’s my problem.

  12. Kaimi permalink

    bcc is the death of freedom. down with censorship!!!111

  13. Kaimi permalink

    damn it, my comment is awaiting moderation.

    irresistable disgrace is the death of freedom!!!111


  15. Kaimi permalink


    We normally don’t allow crazy Evangelicals* near the blog. Someone must have slipped up and let you through. We’re closing that door before you corrupt us all.

    *Repetitive, I know.


    Actually, I have no idea why you were modded. I’ll look into it. And then either let your comment out, or laugh maniacally. One of the two; maybe both, if you’re lucky.

  16. Down with the spelling “irresistable”!!!111

  17. It doesn’t matter. For every comment that is manually added, the simple fact is that what has been done is done. Several BCC regulars have emailed/commented/tweeted and each has given an answer less satisfactory than the last. But it is unsatisfactory because it shows my silliness, not anything on their part.

    It’s like people who suppose you can change the church. What a useless and silly pursuit that will only cause you to repeatedly run against walls and end in your certain excommunication as well.

  18. Kaimi permalink


    I had one of my minions free your comment. Don’t forget to pay your bills again, chica, or I may have to leave you in comment purgatory forever.

  19. Not to speak out against BCC’s commenting policies, which I totally get, but I’ve appreciated all your comments. If you ever want to tell me that something I wrote is retarded, feel free to email me. 🙂 gmail=kmonson

  20. Guest Writer from MM permalink

    Hello Andrew, you added some excellent comments on my guest post on MM. Thanks!

    I followed your link here. This post about censorship reminds me of the lightning strike that hit an angel Moroni statue the other day. I went to Deseret News to post a comment, but they kept blocking my attempts. Yes, the jokes were lame, but I didn’t think they were offensive. I was writing things like, “I thought it was just the Lamanites that were cursed with a skin of blackness, looks like God felt it was time for the Nephites to take a turn.” Lame joke? Yes. Offensive? Ummm…I guess maybe in the sense that the BOM is sacred to some. Is the skin of blackness on the Lamanites a touchy subject?

    I tried a few times, but kept getting blocked. Eventually, I wrote a comment that said, “I keep trying to post lame jokes, but they keep getting blocked. Everyone’s a critic.” They blocked that comment too.

    I eventually just did a generic post to see if it was even working. That made it straight through.

  21. When I had seen the lightning strike, I had thought to make similar comments, LOL, but I’m not edgy enough :D.

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