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June 13, 2009

So, I try to post rather faithfully on Irresistible (Dis)Grace these days…it’s my home base, but if you didn’t know, I also blog at the ex-mormon group blog Main Street Plaza and also at the believing (but I guess flexible?) Mormon Matters, so perhaps I’ll just link to some of my latest exploits at each site.

Two posts about Alma 32. First one was my rougher, more cynical one, and I posted it at MSP…and indeed, I was edified too. And then, with a few insights under my belt, I offered a thought experiment to the Mormon Matters crowd.

Then, posts about how Mormonism can culturally pass moral standards in weird ways to even those who don’t believe. A post at MSP for my fellow ex-Mos. And a post asking believers¬† at MM if they would think that morality is one thing above all a member should get form the church.

And then way back when, on MM I commented on the Consumer model of religion (and got sucked willing sucked myself into a discussion of atheism)…and way back when on MSP I asked why we act. A rather elementary question, I suppose.

I mean, I have an index of articles at MM…so if you check them all, you can check my author page…Perhaps one of these days, MSP will have a feature like this?

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