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Public Smith Announcement: John is not Joseph

June 9, 2009

I don’t care if you are non-Mormon, ex-mormon, former-Mormon, PoMo, HoMo (or MoHo), New Order Mormon (NOM NOM NOM), NoMo, faithful Mormon, Liahona, Iron Rod, TBM, LOL, Liberal Mormon, cultural Mormon, Jack or Jill Mormon, Molly Mormon (or Peter Priesthood Mormon)…

Joseph Smith’s name isn’t John!

Let me illustrate the difference in a way that no one should soon forget.









In the future, if you get confused again…here’s a helpful way to remember: Joseph Smith may have been married to many women, but none of them were named Pocahontas.


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  1. Fantastic!

    I’ve got it now!!! 😀

  2. Now you’re punk rockin’ MH.

  3. mandi permalink


  4. shining bear permalink

    who cares?
    paganism is the only faith that mkes sence..
    i really never could get myself to worship a dead human as god… o.0
    It makes absolutely no sence

    • Pagans worshipped dead humans as gods all the time. The worship of deified mortals was an essential aspect of many ancient pagan religions.

  5. John Smith didn’t marry her either

  6. but no one confuses Joseph Smith with John Rolfe, unfortunately.

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