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Even I can’t outsnark this comment about atheists

May 25, 2009

So, yeah, this is my third and (hopefully) final article about Jeff Lindsay’s yogurt blog story…I just couldn’t resist because there was a final commenter who said something that seemed to wrap together every cliche…every stereotype…every judgment about atheism that has ever existed…into one comment.

Here’s the teaser:

For someone who doesn’t believe in god, I wonder how much more cheap one can be about Him. Atheism is the definition of cheapening God.

Atheism is the source of all of the major wars in history. Only 10% of all wars can be attributed to religious wars. Three of the top wars attributing to the largest massive death of humanity, communism, the pol pot revolution and the Chinese revolution, each claimed over 50 million deaths, all at the hands of atheists.

Continue for the rest:

In addition, the Pew Research states that only 16% of all people studied claim no affiliation with a religion; only 1.6 % are atheist and 2.4% are agnostic. This is very meaningful.

Atheism attributes, and so do you, that the universe is a random series of cosmic accidents in which there is no free will, a negative meaningless existence, hopelessness, no objective morality and no purpose in life. Atheism can’t explain why people seek to do good and avoid evil, the source of the natural law. Atheism exists on the the cultural capital that Christianity has given it. Christianity is responsible for the direct advancement in democracy, the worlds university systems and countless human justice advancements in the world. What has atheism offered to humanity? Atheism only offers a vast emptiness once the echoes of Christianity are gone. There is absolutely no rigourous intellectual treatment in the belief of atheism. Christianity offers absolutely no contradiction between science and faith, unlike atheism.

But of course, you are ambivalent to all this. What is more meaningless than that?

Seeing this post was a huge exercise for me. At first, I want to get mad. Second, I wanted to get even. Third, I wanted to get snarky. But then I realized that I would only be derailing Jeff’s blog even more (but I like to think at the very least that my previous derailments of the blog were done in good spirit, as opposed to this current derailment, which most definitely would be in a spirit of contention.)

Ultimately, I realized I had to realize that there was no way I could win this. I needed to just walk away. Walk away. After all, as Jim says…There is absolutely no rigourous [sic] intellectual treatment in the belief of atheism. Christianity offers absolutely no contradiction between science and faith, unlike atheism. DUDE. HOW CAN I COMPETE WITH THAT?

Right. I can only resign myself to ambivalence.


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  1. Really, there’s only one answer to a comment like that.

  2. Crap! I posted a completely wrong link. Here’s the right link.

  3. Third time’s the charm? Sorry. (Ironic considering the nature of the link.) Sigh.

  4. i’m going to have to keep that link for later

  5. What a crock!

  6. JTJ permalink

    It’s a shame you didn’t respond with a straw man argument of your own. Just for the entertainment for the rest of us.

  7. I could probably draft one up with some time, but it might be painful for everyone 😀

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