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John Huntsman, Strategic Mormon Chess piece?

May 18, 2009
So, like a pao, Huntsman has the chance fly halfway across the board...

So, like a pao, Huntsman has the chance fly halfway across the board...

It’s been interesting… many blogs have talked about the nomination of John Huntsman, Jr. as the next U.S. ambassador to China. I guess I should’ve kept track of more of the links, because it seemed like *every* Mormon blog had something to say about it as well, but now I’m at a loss for links. I think one of the most impactful ones to me was the one at Mormanity, because I’ve recently posted about another article there.

All of a sudden, I remember why I couldn’t be a constant reader of Jeff’s blog. It seemed like in the comments, people channeled all the kinds of enraging ideas about politics and religion they could muster. One commenter said:

Well… this may be one of those Obama means it for evil, but God means it for good things.

Are…you kidding me? This is a two-for-one; it ties religious motivations and political motivations together in a bow.


“SALT LAKE CITY – (ABC 4 News) – There is one republican presidential candidate that President Barack Obama’s campaign manager fears the most in 2012…and his name is Jon Huntsman Jr.”

In my mind, this was Obama’s way of neutralizing Huntsman as a potential rival in 2012. But Heavenly Father has something else in mind.

I mean, I guess this is less silly. And it doesn’t dabble in both religion and politics and instead just picks one. But what’s funny is that on some of the other blogs (that I linked in the chain of links, I think), the person argues that this is a blessing for precisely this reason — Obama will be a popular president, this other blogger argues, so Huntsman would not have a chance in 2012. However, in 2016, with this ambassadorial experience, Huntsman will be stronger than ever. But, continuing on:

From an LDS standpoint, I can’t help but think about the development of the Church in South Korea through Kim Ho Jik. Is it possible that Huntsman’s presence in China may help facilitate the fall of the “Bamboo Curtain”?

So it seems Mormons do only view things in terms of how it helps the church. No wonder people were freaked out with the idea of electing Romney, thinking that he would be a pawn of the Mormon church — this is the way some members actually think.

This comment lays it all out on how it’s going to happen. I’ll just post something from its beginning:

…Huntsman, being a high level political/diplomatic contact, will be able to non-chalantly expose high ranking Chinese to Mormonism; not in the sense of converting them (he doesn’t have to), but just make them aware, just give exposure.

It may start out with something as simple as “his people” telling “their people” that Hunstman doesn’t drink alcohol, as a warning before any official functions where alcohol is served. That’s just something that is done in advance of high level meetings or social functions….

One commenter takes a stab at the first commenter I quoted:

Jayleen, why assume that Obama means it for “evil”? Good grief, you could try seeing the good in people just now and then. That comment is like making lemons out of lemonade.

Even if he is doing it as a political maneuver, that is hardly “evil.”

But then hearing the response from Jayleen…

It’s a phrase from the Bible and I didn’t mean it literally. And it means the opposite of making lemons from lemonade.

I’ve never ever seen the good in people, ever. All I see is bad… just bad all the time. You know me so well. ;o)

Good grief! Can’t you see the good in people just once in a while?

All I meant by it was that Obama doesn’t have the best of intentions, but Heavely Father knows what he’s doing and is in control.

Uh oh Jeff, this might turn into one of those posts.

I think it’s already turned into one of those posts.


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  1. What, you expect LDS Republicans to acknowledge that Obama made an excellent selection based on factors like our national interests vis a vis Beijing? No, it’s got to be the hand of God at work. But then, there were those who claimed that the Iraq War was all about spreading the gospel in that godforsaken country. How’s the stone rolling forth in Baghdad these days?

  2. Mormon God will not say anything positive about bad Obama (but it’s okay to baptize his dead mother).

    Everything that Huntsman does is divinely inspired. He’s like angel food cake, but better.

  3. Andrew, I didn’t even mention Huntsman on my blog (but I considered it.)

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