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A second totally useless post on pet peeves

May 11, 2009

Hopefully, in this one, I won’t inadvertantly wail on my friend bloggers, as happened in the last one.

…Maybe this is a lesson that one shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses or something…

Regardless…I just came to another pet peeve of mine…and this time, I am totally guilty. I have this pet peeve of commenting on a blog somewhere…and never getting a response.

Now, I don’t feel so bad if I’m the only one who commented and I don’t get a response…because then I understand that the gears of communication aren’t going. But when I’m at a large blog with frequent comments, having my comments unanswered makes me feel like I’m being ignored. And that sucks. (I feel bad because I am guilty of this…now, I will  rationalize that my blog isn’t even important enough to have that many comments, but it still makes me feel bad to approve a comment [since I have to approve the FIRST comment anyone makes] and then have nothing good to say in response.)

My second caveat? People who are money grubbers. If your blog is purely designed to promote some product you are selling and only provides teasers that only links to your book, then I dislike you because you waste my time. Now, now, I know people who do have products and things on their blogs, but generally, they provide MEANINGFUL content. That’s how you’re supposed to do it. And if you have one book you want to sell, providing a different one for free? That’s pretty cool dude.

…now, as I say this, I am reminded that as soon as the semester ends, I need to get to reading chanson’s opus, Exmormon, which she has so graciously sent to me (for free!)

***P.S., I don’t mean to criticize anyone who I know and read regularly if any of my pet peeves inadvertantly hits close to home.

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  1. You actually seem to be pretty good about answering comments most of the time.

  2. but it’s all the times that are not “most of the time” that get me v_v

  3. I get too many comments these days to offer a personal reply to every one of them, especially when most of my regular commentators are much funnier than I am and the best I can offer as a reply is “LOL!”

    My husband has been trying to talk me into putting ads on my site, but I really, really don’t want to. He’s like, “Honey, you’re good! You could get paid for doing this!” Well, I probably will find a way to get paid for writing eventually, but I’m not gonna try to weasel it out of my readers by annoying them with ads.

    Once I do become a published author, well, then I probably will shamelessly hawk my books in the sidebars. But I have a ways to go.

  4. And you know, other than having intrusive ads, I’m not so worried about some of those. But I mean, I’ve gone to a few websites that I was expecting to find an answer to my question, but NOPE. The search engine gave me just enough to TEASE me that there might be some real info, but when I clicked to see the site, it quickly says, “If you really want the answer, you’ll have to buy the book.” So I mean, I don’t care if someone’s going to promote their book…but don’t be deceptive. Provide other content.

    I say this so that if/when I become a published author, then I will feel guiltless about shamelessly hawking *my* books in my sidebars 😀

  5. backandthen permalink

    why do you feel you have to answer to comments?
    And no, I don’t really want an answer to this question. I just want you to ask yourself this question. When you know why you feel this way you may understand that others don’t fell the same way and therefore won’t always comment on what you wrote.
    You may also have just said something too deep for them LOL

  6. …i have to answer.

    I think it is disrespectful to not answer someone who has taken the time to communicate with you.

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