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A totally useless post on pet peeves

May 10, 2009

After a few posts that were, if I do say so myself, pretty rockin, I think I deserve a breather. So, regardless of if what I think is right or not, I think I’ll go and take just that.

I get annoyed at just a few things with blogging…and I know it’s not the other people’s fault — it’s totally me. One of my pet peeves is really silly…it’s the way that some people describe their activities as “musings.” I dunno what I don’t like about it, but it seems to me that the word “musing” should be cast into black hole, never to be seen again.

And this is REALLY dumb…but I have a pet peeve of people who ‘sign’ their comments. At the bottom of comments, it really isn’t necessary to say “with love” or “Grace and peace in Christ” or “Best wishes.” I mean, it’s one thing if you mean it…because in that case, I’m sorry, but it’s totally wasted on me because I totally skip message like that. But if you don’t mean it and just say it as a formality, then now you’re wasting *both* of our times.

The worst thing is that I know I’m prone to breaking each of my pet peeves. Drat!


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  1. Hmm… So what you’re saying is that you hate my guts. 😉

  2. Aaron S started it (with the way worse “Grace and peace in Christ). And then I noticed you had that thing too. And then i went to a site called musings on mormonism. and then I wrote this post.

    one of these days, I will have weaned everyone off the pet peeves.

  3. My blog has used the word “musing/s” 4 times out of 267 posts & pages, so hopefully you don’t hate me too much.

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, before there were blogs, I used to sign my posts on discussion forums, “In Christ, ______.” I quit doing it because if I did not voice my disagreements in the most gentle and delicate of tones, if I employed the slightest hint of rebuke or scorn for someone’s argument, people would quote my signature and say things like, “In Christ?! Yeah right!” And I was worlds nicer back then than I am now; I was just a little troll-in-embryo who had not yet discovered her dark side. I got tired of giving people that red herring to chase, so I stopped.

    For blog comments? I think signing your comments gets redundant fast, especially if you’re commenting on the thread a lot. Unless you’re going to sign it with hilarious stuff and change it every time, in which case I say sign all you want.

  4. Whew, luckily I have never been tempted to sign my comments “Grace and peace in Christ.”

    Actually, I never even know what to sign off my emails with. “Best,” “Best Wishes,” “Take Care,” “Yer Bud,” etc. Usually, if I’m replying to someone, I just copy whichever closer they used. Y’know, as long as it’s not something like “Your sibling in Christ” (or equivalent).

    Yer Bud,

  5. yeah, Jack, to get into super peeve territory, musing has to be central…like…in the title or something. ClobberBlog is in the clear.

    Now, I DO agree with you that signing things with hilarious stuff and changing it every time is pretty cool. I knew someone who would, after EVERY comment, have a P.S. that would be some kind of snarky, yet relevant remark. It was like getting fortune cookies after every post, except the fortunes were *good*!

    chanson, I consistently use “sincerely,”…I dunno why. It seems like “Yer Bud” sounds like vague drug advocacy.

  6. It was like getting fortune cookies after every post, except the fortunes were *good*!

    Andrew, fortunes are always good. Just add “in bed” after them and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be good.

    In fact, that same strategy works pretty well if you’re bored and need help getting through General Conference. Just start adding “in bed” after every sentence a GA says.

    I’m a big fan of “Cheers” and “Take care” for signing my e-mails. If I’m in a really British mood, it’s “Cheerio!” If I’m in a Winnie the Pooh mood, it’s “TTFN.” Good stuff.

  7. lol, I’m square enough not to have picked up on the possible alternate interpretations. 😉

  8. Andrew, suggest to me a creative-enough alternative blog title, and I’ll consider appeasement.

  9. mild-mannered meditations. definitely sounds so much better.

    wow, now that i think about it, this entire post must seem like I was gunning straight for you chris, LOL, but that most certainly was not the case. It was definitely different blogs that got me on the ‘musing’ issue and different posters that got me on the salutations.


  10. lol. Yeah, we’re cool. 🙂

    Meditations, hmm? I like it, but it doesn’t have quite the same ring. Too many syllables. I’ll have to meditate on this some more. 😉

  11. I don’t mind “musings’ so much, but “ponderings” really annoys me for some reason…

    Kind of like Jack, I used to sign my forum posts “peace, kuri,” which bugged some people who were the target of less than peaceful posts…

    I usually sign (non-business) e-mails with “Cheers”…

  12. you’re right, kuri. ugggh. Ponderings!

  13. I actually use “Cheers” for informal business correspondence (especially emailed tech discussions with other engineers). It sounded weird to me at first, but it has grown on me. It’s upbeat without being overly personal.

  14. I suggest “Mild-Mannered Evil Schemes to Try to Take Over the World” for your blog, Chris. Or maybe a graphic that crosses out “Musings” so that it reads “Mild-Mannered Musings Evil Schemes to Try to Take Over the World.”

    On second thought, maybe not. You know, it took me 2 years to think of “ClobberBlog.” I’m probably the wrong person to ask for blog titles.

  15. lol, Bridget! I’m tempted!

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